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  1. Hear hear. I run into this regularly setting due dates for ‘next Thursday’ and ‘first Monday next month’ … calendar display would make this much easier
  2. Smart quotes would be great .. makes it very difficult to take quick notes in Evernote and then copypaste to Word without them.
  3. Great idea. I could move my Airtable data across to Evernote which would be a huge help.
  4. I get this error on many Apple News articles on iPad .. I also sometimes get an apple.news/ XXXX URL but still no content
  5. This is still a problem. When I share from Apple News to Evernote, all Evernote gets is an apple.news URL in the title and body. No text and no images. apple news is a very important source of information these days especially with a news plus subscription. It is my primary source of news and I no longer read websites so a working clipping functionality from apple news would be very welcome I’m using an iPad Pro and Evernote app... when I have a story open in Apple News I use the apple sharing link at the top right, select Evernote from the options, Evernote gives me a ‘clip saved!’ confirmation. But when I open Evernote there is just a URL in the saved note.. the expected result is that the full text and images from the article is saved to the Evernote note.
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