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Auto text size changing

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There is a big problem in one essential feature. 
When you creates any list, text sise will gets smaller with each line. Some people have an opposite problem. This is relelvant when you tap to enter, start writing and then clear the line - text gets smaller(or bigger).
I found, it depends on "note field size", which you set. If it smaller 100 persent - text size will gets smaller, in other way - will gets bigeer. You need to fix it, it is shameful bug for such a big company.

Info: Stock android 8.1

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Hi.  Currently using Evernote 8.9 beta 3 on Android 6 and I don't see this happening.  I'd suggest you send your Evernote / Android / Device details to https://twitter.com/evernotehelps to help them resolve this if it's still an issue.

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I have the same problem. When I create a list, it just gets smaller and smaller. I've attached what it looks like.


This only started after the most recent update from evernote.


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Good morning everybody,

I confirm, I have the same problem.

For me, the text increase each time after Return to the line.

The parameter "note field size", was set to 100 p

Only appear on my mobile Honor P6+ (BLN-L21) and working on Android Ver.7. an dusing Evernote Ver.8.9

Doesn't apper on computer running on Windows

Is you can see on the attachment it's only the text who is changing of size, not the list numbering.

Thanks to resolve this problem




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