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  1. Version: Web version, Chrome browser (latest version), Windows 10. After searching for a particular phrase or keyword and you open the note you were trying to find...how do you clear the search while keeping your selected note open? Currently, if you clear your search criteria, then it takes you back to where you were before, and doesn't keep the current note open. I do realize that if you make a change to the note, then the yellow search result highlighting throughout the note goes away, but it does not clear from the title of the note. And the search results are still highlighted. Since the interface is basically all grayscale, that yellow highlighting is distracting for me. My "fix" has been to make a small change to the note I want to work on and then undo it. Then I clear the search and now that note is at the top of the list because it was the most recently edited note. It's a trivial task, and if that's just the way it is, then that's fine, I get it (as a software developer, I realize, you can't make everyone happy haha), but if there's a way to not have to do that, it would be nice to know.
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