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using evernote for organizing receipts

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Hi all, I've been testing how to use evernote for organizing receipts and invoices for multiple properties i own. The reason I chose evernote is because of the support, robust platform, excellent fast phone scanning and searchable text. Mostly it's working great.

The one thing I cannot seem to control is the ordering of the photos. If I take a sequence of 5 photos in one note, I would like the newest ones to come on top instead of the newest ones to go to the bottom. Is there any way to control this?


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Hi.  There's no way within the app to control the order of pictures,  but I tend to get around the question by taking in 'reverse' order.  I start with the last document and end with the first...

The only other alternative (been there,  done this) is to use drag and drop on a desktop computer to re-order the pictures - when,  in my experience you will inevitably risk losing at least one of the pictures to a mouse-twitch;  or to copy the images out of the note and re-order them from the desktop - when you have an original image that can't be lost from the note.

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