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  1. There are some small calendar templates that you can download for daily or weekly. No monthly listed there. Don't forget you can create your own templates too.
  2. Everything, basically. I share a notebook which has things like grocery lists (check boxes) and other house related stuff . At work, I share a notebook with my colleague where we have manual, procedures, etc. Personally, everything is in there. Work projects, home organisation, birthday/Christmas present ideas, manuals, recipes. The beauty of having everything in there is that everything is searchable so I can find anything really quickly from any device.
  3. When I try to download any template, I get the following error: I don’t have permission or it has been moved. Is there anything I can do to access it. Thanks
  4. If I can't get a digital receipt for expenses (particularly business expenses), I routinely take photos of them with my phone. The camera is of high enough quality that the whole receipt is readable, so I just dump the photo into Evernote and tag it with 'receipts', the year and something like 'to-expense' or something so I can easily group them when it comes time to fill out my expense report. Works beautifully.
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