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  1. Evernote is good for archiving info. Scanned docs etc. It is Quick and has a decent search function. The lack of nested notes and their poor pen support make it not good as a student planner. But it is great for legal stuff and pictures that need notes. Think insurance papers and car repair pictures. Even after graduation, it still serves me as a recipe book, grocery list, inventory-keeper, storage space for forum/blog posts I'm halfway through writing, noting serial numbers and the like across devices, even character sheets and world-notes for tabletop games.
  2. Hi. I had the same thing with iOS. Was told to turn off context in notes and email under “personal settings” on the web interface. Seemed to stop it for me so far task list
  3. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i I liked my first ScanSnap so much that I bought a second one. I now have a portable one at a work and a slightly less portable duplex one at home.
  4. Evernote is my saving grace, helping me organize everything from my day to day responsibilities (bills, notes, manuals, recipes, license keys for products, cards) to documenting tech support case notes because I don't remember them after the fact in most cases. Being able to use it on mobile as well as on the desktop, it has become an irreplaceable tool.
  5. Try using the Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut when you want to tag, then. That will show all the tags (provided you do not have "Hide unassigned tags" in the dialog checked). Works for single notes and multiple notes. Regards,onplanners
  6. How about using an iOS or Android device to include FOTOS rather than scanned postcards.. Where can I find out how to intersperse pix and commentary in one continuous flow on my IPHONE or better-yet, IPAD?. thanks for any pointers,onplanners
  7. For tracking what you learned and storing references & ideas Evernote is awesome. You can save all kinds of things and come back to them, links, articles, bits of texts, images and such. You can also use it as a place to take your own notes. I'm not sure if there is a way to make those all in a typical blog format that is shared with the world, but for your own reference it's a great tool.
  8. There are some small calendar templates that you can download for daily or weekly. No monthly listed there. Don't forget you can create your own templates too.
  9. Everything, basically. I share a notebook which has things like grocery lists (check boxes) and other house related stuff . At work, I share a notebook with my colleague where we have manual, procedures, etc. Personally, everything is in there. Work projects, home organisation, birthday/Christmas present ideas, manuals, recipes. The beauty of having everything in there is that everything is searchable so I can find anything really quickly from any device.
  10. When I try to download any template, I get the following error: I don’t have permission or it has been moved. Is there anything I can do to access it. Thanks
  11. If I can't get a digital receipt for expenses (particularly business expenses), I routinely take photos of them with my phone. The camera is of high enough quality that the whole receipt is readable, so I just dump the photo into Evernote and tag it with 'receipts', the year and something like 'to-expense' or something so I can easily group them when it comes time to fill out my expense report. Works beautifully.
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