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using evernote for organizing receipts

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Hi all, I've been testing how to use evernote for organizing receipts and invoices for multiple properties i own. The reason I chose evernote is because of the support, robust platform, excellent fast phone scanning and searchable text. Mostly it's working great.

The one thing I cannot seem to control is the ordering of the photos. If I take a sequence of 5 photos in one note, I would like the newest ones to come on top instead of the newest ones to go to the bottom. Is there any way to control this?


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Hi.  There's no way within the app to control the order of pictures,  but I tend to get around the question by taking in 'reverse' order.  I start with the last document and end with the first...

The only other alternative (been there,  done this) is to use drag and drop on a desktop computer to re-order the pictures - when,  in my experience you will inevitably risk losing at least one of the pictures to a mouse-twitch;  or to copy the images out of the note and re-order them from the desktop - when you have an original image that can't be lost from the note.

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I prefer keeping them separate. The notes themselves can be sorted by creation date or update date.  You can bind/categorize  them by tags as well as keywords in title. Also, at least with paid subscription searches will find words in the receipt images themselves. If using the desktop app the top list view is very handy for various sorting tag metadata.

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When cooking I would rather not have to play around with search or something. All in one note - I am sharing this notebook with my wife. And I MUST not create a mess in there 😱🤣

Maybe you could insert a table into the note, and place the pics in the table cells.

Have not tried it, but it should keep things at its place. And it gives some control over layout, plus you can add the text to the foto, keeping it together.

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If I can't get a digital receipt for expenses (particularly business expenses), I routinely take photos of them with my phone. The camera is of high enough quality that the whole receipt is readable, so I just dump the photo into Evernote and tag it with 'receipts', the year and something like 'to-expense' or something so I can easily group them when it comes time to fill out my expense report. Works beautifully.

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