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  1. Thanks, DT. I forgot to post the other solution they provided me. In my case, I had to uninstall and reinstall Evernote, and then allow notifications. I thought I had done so the first time, but must have hit the wrong button. At any rate, hopefully between your situation and mine, others should have the solution if needed.
  2. Thanks for the work around, but I don't want these items in my calendar. Also, I've reinstalled evernote on both my iPhone 6 and iPad, and Evernote still doesn't appear in the Notification Settings.
  3. How do I get my reminder alerts to appear on my iPhone? For other apps I set it in the notification center, but Evernote isn't listed. I'm using the latest version 8.0.4
  4. I love the new Launch Center Pro Action that lets you create an Evernote audio note, but it can't figure out how to send that note to a particular notebook - it always goes to my default notebook. I see that you can set a title and text, but not a notebook. I know just enough about URL actions to really mess things up, but couldn't figure out how to rewrite this so I could send the note to a particular notebook. It would always be the same notebook, so I'm hoping that's easier. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best, Harry
  5. Okay. That makes sense. Was wondering why they wouldn't want free bug testing...:-)
  6. "Going forward, we are focusing on self-support for free users." Translation: Free users cannot submit bug reports. Am I reading this wrong?
  7. Thanks for giving it a shot...:-) . Am I right in assuming that to create a ticket I have to be a premium user?
  8. I don't have local notebooks, but am not clear on what you're suggesting. The earlier poster suggested that I shut down evernote, rename my old database, and then open evernote so it would download the database again. Are you suggesting I do the same thing but delete instead of rename the database? If yes, would that make a difference? If no, what are you suggesting?
  9. It may slightly better, but there is still takes about 10 seconds to switch between notes. On IOS it's instant. Am I expecting too much?
  10. Thanks for trying...:-) Hopefully someone else will... I'll try the bug report, too.
  11. Thanks, but I'm guessing it's something else for a few reasons: 1. Evernote is installed on a computer that is only used for surfing, so nothing new has been installed in months. 2. Evernote was working fine before I started adding the note links. 3. The links work perfectly without delay on my iPhone and iPad (don't know if this is relevant, but thought I should include it). So given all of the above, doesn't this suggest there's a bug with the Windows version? Hoping there is another fix.
  12. Well. I gave it a shot and unfortunately it's just as slow as before. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Maybe?... How do you change a notebook you create to a local notebook? I don't remember doing anything but creating them other than moving them into stacks, so I'm hoping that meands I don't have to export anything and the rest of your steps will work. Have I got that right?
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