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  1. Hello Andy, I created a note titled test with only the word invoice as content. Search behaves as expected: invoic finds the note; "invoic" does not. Evernote 7.10 OS X 10.14.5.
  2. Odd. I just checked my 7.10 Evernote running on Mac OS X 10.14.5. A search for invoic returns over 200 results; a search for "invoic" returns only 2, excluding notes that contain the word invoice. As expected, the quotation marks forced exact match. Footnotes: The 2 exact matches were found as words in images (incorrectly as it turns out - the actual images contained the full word). I also checked case-sensitivity: as expected both searches were case-insensitive.
  3. +1 Premium user, one account, brand new problem. Evernote 7.10 Mac OS X 10.14.5. It would be helpful if the Evernote people told us how allowing or denying access affects Evernote behavior. I denied, with no obvious bad effect.
  4. DTLow, you said above -" Yes, it's possible to restore Evernote data from a Time Machine backup.We can do a full database restore, or retrieve individual note data." Can you elaborate on how we can retrieve individual note data from a Time Machine (or full database .enex) backup without doing a full database restore?
  5. You might have the same html export problem discussed - but not resolved - here:
  6. I have a two note test case where html export of either note individually works, but html export of the two at once fails. Note content is a factor, but as the test case shows, something else is going on. Notes that trigger failure contain images or other attachments, for example gpx/kml files.
  7. I have had a very similar problem with html exports for several years. I use a Mac with current operating systems. Like Necktilt, my html exports fail on notes that will export individually. Unlike Necktilt, my exports fail on specific notes. If I remove a note from the export group and retry, the export will progress to another failure, etc. All of the failing notes will export individually. In Oct 2016, Evernote responded to my escalated Ticket# 1850762 with " We are currently aware of this issue, and although I don't have an ETA of when it will be resolved, I can assure you we're working diligently to fix it." I've given up hope. My workaround is to batch the export of my 5000 notes into groups, and to tag troublesome notes to make it easier to exclude them from the groups..
  8. Thanks rezecib. The "author:skkippy" idea is clever. I've never thought about using the author attribute. When I checked, however, only about 1/2 of the 5K notes I've created have me as the author - the rest have no author. At a quick glance, it's not obvious why some have an author and some don't - but I suppose this is a matter for another thread. I'd like to get on the bandwagon (maybe a small bandwagon) of people who want more ability to separate their own notes from shared ones. Scoping to "My Notes" belongs in the search grammar.
  9. When you have access to shared notebooks the upper corner right search field on the Mac defaults to 'All Notes', meaning both your own notes (My Notes) and notes in shared notebooks. I could tag all my notes with an additional tag, but then I would have to continue to add that tag to new notes as I create them. I could put all my own notes to a single notebook and qualify the query with that notebook name. Instead, I was hoping for programmatic access to the search field 'My Notes' qualifier.
  10. As far as I know, search scope always defaults to "All Notes". I want it to default to "My Notes". Failing that, I want to use a keyboard shortcut, or store a query, or write a script, that will search only "My Notes". The only way I know to restrict scope to My Notes is to using the cursor to click in the search field, then select My Notes with the cursor. (I suppose I could write a query that enumerated all of my notebooks, but that's fragile and tedious.)
  11. Good for you to back off on the privacy change. Evernote also needs to walk the walk with respect to its commitment that data is portable. In fact, my html export has not worked for some time (Ticket# 1850762). If the commitment is really a commitment, export bugs must have high priority.
  12. An undocumented behavior of Evernote search is that some small words are not indexed, and hence can't be used effectively in searches. I wish I had a list of the words - I found out the hard way that 'not' is one of them. See a September 2014 Evernote employee's reply to a similar question here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/67533-evernote-for-mac-56/?do=findComment&comment=304146 Possible workaround: I have notes beginning with 'to read' 'not read' and 'read'. I can't write a query which will discriminate between these, but I can query on 'read' and sort alphabetically. In the result, notes beginning 'not read' then precede notes beginning 'read' and so on. I can then select and tag the groups separately.
  13. Aha! I've noticed title words running together of late, but had assumed I was somehow failing to type the space. Same versions as tomath2o.
  14. I also have this known problem. I use two macs; An image created on IOS is commonly stretched on both macs, though correct via IOS and the web interface. Clearly a mac rendering problem. A quick query on 'images stretched' in the forums will turn up several discussions, including this one where employee BSR says "this is an issue our development team is currently aware of": Images stretched Started by theambler, September 23
  15. I reported this in April 2015 (Ticket # 1012187). My iPhone 4s was crashing consistently using auto-detect, and randomly without. Support acknowledged the bug. This was with 7.7.0. With more recent releases, it always crashes, and I use the same workaround you do - take the picture with the camera then import it. Annoying, to say the least.
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