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  1. "Long-term roadmap"?! You are joking, right?
  2. This seems really basic, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to change the text's font in Skitch. What am I missing?
  3. I was assuming there would be either a separate app or something. Are there any tablet apps that can split the screen like that (besides Galaxy Note 10.1 built in, which doesn't currently support Evernote for split-screening)?
  4. I was wondering if there was an app for this, or if it's otherwise possible, to take notes in Evernote while watching a video. I downloaded some video courses that I would like to be able to take notes on while I'm in the subway to work. Is this possible?
  5. @ed_in_nj - Is split-screen multi-tasking supported with Evernote? Would be nice to take notes on videos while I watch them.
  6. Does anyone know if split-screen multi-tasking is supported by Evernote on the Galaxy Note? I'd love to be able to watch a video and take notes on it at the same time, and if Evernote works for this, I may go with the Note 10.1 > Transformer Prime. @SlugO - I don't suppose you can write directly into Evernote?
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