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  1. Thanks for the latest comments, gazumped and DTLow. I really appreciate your efforts to help me. Gazumped, I think i'm beginning to understand this now. Am I right in thinking that I have to run Legacy and 10 alongside because I need Legacy to be able to see "understandable" data that can be backed up? DTLow, the data you mention for attachments in 10's resource-cache sub-folder is goobledegook, for example. If my assumption about the necessity of running both is correct, how do I go about actually running the two versions? Do I simply get Legacy as well (I'm running 10 currently) and then consider 10 as my main work space, for its currency of features, but have Legacy, too, which will mirror 10's content but provide accessible and useful backup files? I'm prepared to give that a try, at least, if that's the case. Though it does seem a terribly clunky way to have to work, especially for something that costs me nearly 50 quid a year.
  2. Metrodon, thanks for the tip. In that folder, I have four sql files, two tiny ones, and UDB...LocalStorage.sql and UDB....RemoteGraph.sql, the former 4.2 meg and the latter 349.5 meg. The last time I checked the previous method of storage data, I had close on 2 gigs. So those files still don't seem large enough to be my data. And I'm not seeing individual folders for each note, holding attachment files, that DTLow refers to. Could these really be useful for backup, or indeed at all?
  3. DTLow, apologies—but it's useful to know you're running 10. My 'Local Storage' folder at the location noted has 000003.log (0 bytes), CURRENT (18 bytes), LOCK (0 bytes), LOG* (314 bytes), LOG.old* (314 bytes), and MANIFEST-000001 (41 bytes), with the asterisked files dated today and a recent time. I wonder if, as you're running 10 and Legacy, the .sql file you're seeing relates to the Legacy app and not the 10 app?
  4. DTLow, thanks for the info. However, the version 10 I'm using only has a few tiny files in the Local Storage folder at the location you note. No sign of the large files I'd expect if local storage really is located there. You say you're using the Legacy version, so maybe you don't know about the current state of version 10? Anyway, as I mentioned, Evernote says the Legacy version has a short-term life, so I'm not going to chance my data in that.
  5. Thanks for the link, gazumped. I didn't see that when I searched before I posted. The consensus seems to be that there are no permanent local files on Mac, now, only cloud storage. Too risky. That's bad news and, in my view, a poor decision on Evernote's part. I'll be looking elsewhere now, because the Legacy version, according to Evernote, will only exist in the short term. A shame, I've been a longtime EN user. Oh well, everything comes and goes.
  6. That looks like a Windows path. As I said, I'm using the Mac version.
  7. I used to be able to get to the database where local Evernote files are stored on my Mac by clicking Alt at the Help menu item and going to Troubleshoot/Open Database Folder. Not any more. Can anyone tell me where the local files are now? I have EN 10.5.7 on a Mac mini running MacOS 11.1. Thanks.
  8. Thanks Nick. I'm pretty sure the filenames in question were not long. But I'll give it a try anyway. Is it safe to do the beta? If so, how do I do that?
  9. Thanks DTLow, but that solution for cameronreilly doesn't relate to me: the files that give me problems have titles of around 12 characters. Still waiting to hear anything from Support on my ticket from Oct 27.
  10. Sorry DTLow, didn't see your edit above. Understood. I've sent details to Evernote support and will report back if I hear more, in case it helps anyone else looking here for a similar problem.
  11. DTLow, I have an email notification that you posted a message beginning "I don't know what ..." but I don't see that here?
  12. OK, I tried the reinstall. No difference. I did start another attempt at exporting all notes as HTML, and the usual 100 or so files in it stalled. The errant note had a jpeg attachment (like many others that it hadn't stalled on). I went to that note, did a save as, cancelled, came back, and the next attempt went a little further. And so on, laboriously, back and forth through another 20 or 30 errant files, whereupon it got stuck on one that kept stalling it, no matter how many save as's or other things I could think of to jerk it into passing by that one. No luck. I swore quite a lot, and I gave up. I find this infuriatingly poor performance from an app I rely on so heavily and which costs me quite a bit to subscribe to. The reason I wanted the export/backup was because I figured it would be a good idea to have a set of HTML files that could be transferred to another app, should the rumours of Evernote's imminent demise prove correct. Now I can't even do that. I can't imagine this is the case, but it's almost as if Evernote were making sure you can't migrate.
  13. Well, I haven't got round to the reinstall yet, but seeing these latest messages from skkippy does make me wonder if it's worth the effort. My failed notes have in common that they have either jpegs or pdfs attached (from memory, but I'll check further). Maybe skkippy's workaround is the way to go, as it sounds like Evernote are deaf to this problem. I will try the reinstall, though, when I get a mo', just in case.
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