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  1. I've just been offered a 7 day trial period. Here's the funny thing. It happened on the day I set up my new phone so I'll still won't be able to tell the difference 🙂 In any case I still suspect the "Templates" element of the note body to be the main offender in slowing down the new note readiness.
  2. The reasons I'm asking: 1. The -40% promo is available only for annual subscriptions. 2. I'd like to test the influence of the offline storage on performance in two particular scenarios I use tens of times a day.
  3. I'm tempted to finally try the Plus subscription but I'd like a month-long test drive first, since you do not offer proportional partial refunds. Is this possible somehow? Related material https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010561808-Evernote-Refund-Policy
  4. Tried that. Still nothing on 28.06 so I updated manually from apkmirror.
  5. To anyone who updated to 8.11. When you were offered to update to 8.11, were you on manually installed APK? Maybe having installed from the APK is the reason I don't see past Jun 5 update. Although in previous cases I did get notified to update from the store, even on APK.
  6. @gazumped Your reply surprises me. I've been using the living hell out of Evernote for Android with inherent connectivity problems on my phone (2 GB of RAM, Android 7). Affected were Both, mobile data and WiFi. Even with an insidious bug where lack of connectivity wouldn't be reported to the device (all indicators keep showing connection present). And with that junk of a phone I've never experienced an issue with data loss or note lockout. The app stores a new note perfectly safe for however long it needs until connectivity is restored. He'll, it will do so even through a phone reboot. Th
  7. Your description fits Also, some other topics related to slow note creation have been merged to the one I linked in the past.
  8. On that note we can see APKmirror is slower than apksfree. If that says good about apksfree, your guess is as good as mine
  9. Just noticed it. Few important words of clarification, especially intended for general public not familiar with web technologies: 1. The part about Gecko may make it look like Gecko is some technological cruft that Firefox intends to rely on. Firefox is well in the process of replacing vital parts of under-the-hood components with Servo, a very modern and efficient system, under the Quantum project. 2. It was the Evernote's choice to rely on Google's WebKit, locking non-WebKit browsers (browsers not based on Chrome, essentially). 3. WebKit adoption is part of the "slow boiling t
  10. FUUUUU! How did I miss that?! I'm going to install Opera. It's based on Chromium intrails.
  11. How to check the app version on Play Store before updating? I think it always shows the app version that is currently installed when you click "Read more" and scroll down.
  12. Let me ask again. Am I the only one using Evernote on Firefox since ~2014 without any messages on incompatibility?
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