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  1. Of course! Thank you. Especially that without it, if acknowledged and undertaken, it would simply mean removal of the [+] indicator 😉
  2. Sorry for bumping. To my defense, sort of, I spent circa 45 minutes digging through the forums trying to find a similar request. Not a valid excue, but at least I made an effort. ;)
  3. We're in "Home - Possible Bugs/Technical Issues - Evernote for Windows" forum section, so Windows. Windows 7 to be specific. Yes, many applications use Ctrl and Shift to modify between copying and moving of dragged content, starting with Windows File Explorer (since forever), through office applications, to CAD software.
  4. A Windows thing, a Chromium (?) thing*... Not really helpful. Dragging and dropping is faster, for starters. By the way, I can accomplish two additional tasks in the time some default system animations run on Android 7. All in all, if Evernote settled for half-working contraptions, please let me know. * blamed for plethora of the recent bugs in basic text handling.
  5. Evernote hints that it would, by displaying [+] near the cursor while dragging, but then it just moves the content instead of copying it. Type of selection (highlighted first / dragged without highlighting) doesn't influence the behavior.
  6. I'm currently testing the cursor placement method as it would be much more efficient. I'll try your method if this fails. Yes, Ctrl+Z is the way to go, especially that tumor-attachments may end up in the middle of a URL and open the URL when you even attempt to drag them anywhere.
  7. The action has been somewhat improved (as somewhat mentioned in one of the recent changelogs). The thing is, for the drag&drop to work properly I have to place the text cursor where I need the image first. So still not satisfactory. Aaaaand it used to work fine.
  8. Emojis need to go. It's not a chit-chat app.
  9. I've decided to include a step by step instructions. The menus are non-intuitive to say the least. I also wanted to include the bonus steps 5 and 6 which disable the trash suggestions which only delay the ready state of the search app when you try to do a quick search. I also recommend Pixlr app
  10. Hi! Have you tried...? https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-How-to-use-Evernote-s-advanced-search-syntax
  11. Go to Google Search app settings (click on the G and proceed from there) - Search section: Personal Disable the apps content from which you do not want to see in Search.
  12. I don't know what has happened but the fast opening I remember from 2017, maybe early 2018. Now a plain text note opens longer than a note with e.g. 100 KB of images used to open in the past. Text notes used to open almost instantaneously. Same device. And I did a clean system reset twice since this started happening. I always use Evernote installed in the internal phone memory. Device: Moto X Play, Android 7.
  13. The bug is still present for months now. What's worse the behavior may lead to a broken note as Evernote know no limits as far as placing dropped attachments. It may even nest it in the middle of a URL, making the operation of removing it from there rather risky. Sometimes when I drop two images one is placed randomly somewhere in the note, while the other is not placed anywhere in the note. As usual, it used to work flawlesly! Here's my previous post on the issue. Possibly related:
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