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  1. OMG - the old version it was right click the icon. Ok so a left click brings up the menu you describe with the scratch pad and a computer screen icon in the bottom left. When I click that computer screen icon, nothing happens, no capture event and no new notes appear in my Evernote account. All I need now is for that to work and I will be much happier. I am on windows 10, EN 10.22.3
  2. Thanks, Some follow up.. 1) Where is the EN helper invoked from? Sounds good, don't know about it. 2) Great 3) Yep. 4) Let's hope 5) But it is EverNOTE, and the searching of handwritten text works extraordinarily well, so it is a shame to not be able to write with a stylus in the new note compose panel. All they need to do is add support for that rather than having to invoke another "sketch" entry panel. None of the other note taking apps work as well in terms of cross platform (and hand written search) like Evernote does, so they really should capitalize on these two large advantages they have. 6) Nope, older ones of mine (more than say 1 year) NEVER appear, no matter how long I wait Thanks! @EverNote please take note of point 5 if nothing else!
  3. I haven't thought to put it all down but things I miss(ed) are. The windows clipper (used to be able to right click on the Evernote icon and clip anything from the screen into Evernote with no issues) The auto folder import (this is back - but was missing for over a year) The clean layout (now when I open the app on my windows PC I am presented with so much b/s I can't think! What the f is scratch pad? Why are more than 50% of each note thumbnail just empty space , and the thumb of the note part is so small proportionally. Why can't I resize the panels? Like when I am in votes view, the new note space is 50% and the list of thumbs on the left is 50%, but why cant I drag the bar to see more thumbs? I can drag it to make the note thumb area smaller, but not larger. I have an MS Surface PC with a Pen, a Samsung Note with a Pen, and an iPad with a pen, yet I can't hand write in the note compose window with any of them! Why? Evernote does an awesome job of reading handwritten notes (so I can search them), but it wont let me write them! Thumbs are broken, when I scroll down a few pages in my notes view - all the thumbnails, instead of showing my notes, are just white boxes with Grey paper Icon in them. The notes themselves are fine, but I have no previews. FYI I have 8,365 notes dating back to April 2010.
  4. I am leaving also, after 11 years as a premium user. I used to love Evernote, but I simply jsut can't stand it now - everything is so complicated, unstable, difficult and frustrating. Really sad, and like the OP, I have never witnessed a product go from being so awesome to so hopeless. How did this happen?
  5. I have been a premium user for 11 years now. I struggle with every aspect of Evernote now, where as for about the first 9 of these 11 years I was using Evernote multiple times a day and a strong advocate. What has happened? It feels to me like they are not doing focus groups with users to make sure that new features are a)needed b) implemented well and further to that - things that need improving have not changed at all since day 1 (like the basic ability to support varying thumbnail sizes or improving support for stylus (S pen / Apple Pencil) input. I am so disillusioned that after 11 years I want out.
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