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  1. Android Presentation Mode would probably encourage me to upgrade from Plus to Premium subscription...
  2. Following up my earlier post on the new widget/actions... I uninstalled EN from my Galaxy S4 mini and then reinstalled the latest version. This time I found that the new EN action bar, EN list and EN action buttons had all appeared in the device's Widget section. So I now have a nice new shiny EN action bar on my home page and have managed to populate it with the 5 actions that I want, Not sure that setting the content of the action bar is particularly intuitive, but I seem to have managed it. I guess the previous update from Google Play over the weekend didn't function correctly? Still not certain about the separate 1x1 action buttons widget. Are you meant to be able to put instances of these on your home screen s or what exavtly?
  3. Installed the updates for EN and EN Widget this weekend on my Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. It seems a bit confusing - there don't appear to be any actual widgets that can be installed anymore; when I look at th e widgets screen on my device all the old EN widget s are flagged as unavailable (although they appear in the display of widgets on the device...) I guess it's some sort of screen size thing - in my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 I get the ability to install a new EN "action bar" to replace the old widget... And on the Galaxy S4 mini, there seems to be a problem to getting any selected action buttons to stick to the home screen... Having installed 3 action buttons on my home screen I switched the device off overnight and this morning when I switched it on the 3 action buttons had disappeared. Once upon a time we used to get explanations of how to use new/changed features, these days features get added or changed and are just rolled out to devices. It would be good to see some better explanation of new features rather than just let everyone run around trying to work out how to use them (or what they do).
  4. If I've needed to create a PDF of an Evernote note, I've just chosen the Print option and selected an PDF printer driver from my PC (e.g. Nitro PDF). However, I'm not sure what I would do if I was using my Android tablet... It would be good to extend the Export options to have a "Export as PDF" option.
  5. For Windows users who use Outlook to schedule their day, the Outlook add-in, gSyncit from Fieldston Software may be of interest. With the latest version of this tool you can create Task items in Outlook from your Evernote notes. As I review my notes in EN, I move those that I need to tackle tomorrow into a dedicated EN notebook, having set reminders on the notes. The gSyncit add-in in Outlook is configured to read the EN notebook that I specify and create Task items in Outlook for the date(s) in question. So, when I look at my Today vioew in Outlook, I see the list of Tasks generated from my EN notes in my To Do list and can schedule them within the day. No need to create the Tasks manually. The content of the EN note appears in the body of the Outlook Task. gSyncit also synchronises other apps with Outlook. It can sybc your Outlook calendar with your Google calendar, so once you#ve scheduled the Tasks that were created from your EN notes, they will appear in your Google Calendar. As well as Evernote and Google, gSyncit also has options to sync with Toodledo, Dropbox, Simplenote, Nozbe and Pocket Informant Online. Worth a look if you use Outlook on your Windows desktop as well as using mobile devices.
  6. And now we have 5.0.2 Beta 1 without 5.0.1 apparently going to "Production" status from GA... There are times when it seems keeping uptodate with Evernote versuons is a bit like trying to jump on board an accelerating carousel ride at the fairground! ;-)
  7. Yes - I had been puzzled by this state as well. The EN email and blog post for 4th September says "The auto-update for existing Windows users will begin within a week. If you don’t want to wait, download now and install." So I've been expecting to see something pop-up when I'm using EN to say "New version available - do you want to download and install?" But the latest 5.xxx release appears still to be of GA (General Availability) status, and not a Production/Live release... It seems like there might have been some mis-communication here within EN; there might stil; be a few tweaks to be added to the GA release to make it a Production release and eligible for auto-update. Whatever the case, judging from all the feedback through Beta, it sounds like EN has another winner on it's hands and continues to provide a brilliant piece of software. Perhaps it's time I bit the bullet and downlosde that GA release?
  8. Hi John – Thanks for the response. Yes – I do like your approach to keeping just EN as the GTD app and providing a service to organise it behind the sceners rather than juggling with more apps and EN. Let me explain how I use Evernote in a pseudo-GTD way at present. I have a maximum of 9 Key Areas (or Areas of Focus or Project Areas), so I have tags for #1 – Key Area 1 #2 – Key Area 2 … #9 = Key Area So each task note I create in EN gets tagged with one of those key areas To prioritise the tasks I have the following tags !Next ….to do now/today/within the next 24 hours !Soon ….tasks that need to be done in the next 7 days – I’ve usually scheduyled a date for them; (I also use this tag for tasks which are further in the future, but have a defined date scheduled for them) !Unplanned … essentially my “Someday/maybe” category – unscheduled tasks !Waiting …. Tasks where I’m waiting a response from someone else; might be a response to an email, or a delivery of something I’ve ordered, etc. I make use of the ability in EN’s Windows desktop to adjust the creation date of tasks so it get sets to the scheduled date of the !Next/!Soon task, or to my expected response date if it’s a !Waiting task. This means that when I see a list of tasks in EN desktop view, they can be sorted by the creation date, i.e. effectively the action date . As I complete a task, I shift the note from my main “Key Areas” notebook to my “Reference” notebook. On a daily basis I review which !Next tasks didn’t get completed and re-schedule them, as well as looking at my !Soon tasks and changing the tag to !Next if the task is due today. (I also review the !Waiting tasks to see if there’s any I’m expecting today, or if any have missed their date). So, I’d like Informant to be flexible/configurable to generate A list note which shows all the !Next task notes across all Key Areas (sorted by date/time within Key Area); A list note which shows all the !Soon tasks (sorted by Key area within date/time – i.e. the major sort if by date, then within each date, sorted by Key area); A list note which shows all the !Unplanned tasks sorted by Key area; A list s note which shows all the !Waiting tasks sorted by date/tine Obviously the terms/tags I’ve used are the ones I’m working with, but Informant looks like it might be flexible enough to handle any similar construct, and I’m prepared to adapt as appropriate. Is any of that possible? regards,
  9. Shame it's just an iPhone/iPad app. There are Evernote users on other platforms. That seems to be a plus point for Informant - it's platform independent. And as GoGordo indicated above,this topic is about Informant; perhaps someone needs to start a separate topic for SmartGTD so things don't get confused?
  10. Getting back to the original subject of this topic, i.e. Informant for EN... I've started dabbling with this service, and I quite like it. The generation of "Next Action Lists" from the tags you add to your notes seems quite slick. I especially like the fact that the generated note listing the Next Actions has a check box against each actio - it's always quite an incentive to be able to check off a completed task - very positive feeling - and then Informant automatically moves the completed task from the list to your designated "Completed" notebook. What appeals to me is that this is a solution that works "behind the scenes" with EN, most other EN+GTD solutions seem to major on using another app to manage your EN notes, with Informant, you continue to use EN as is and you're not also using another app for the GTD element. I would like to see some more flexible options with Informant, though... as I understand it, Informant generates one Next Action List ENote containing all the tasks you've tagged as next actions across all your active projects within each context (1 context : 1 note for all next actions with that context). I'd prefer it if we could also get Informant to generate a next action list for each of my active projects. Having one note across all projects can be somewhat like tryimg to look at all your ENotes at once. And if I've got a ton of "Someday/Maybe" tasks, I don't want to see them merged in with the next actions. I Guess I'm wondering if it would be possible for users to configure Informant to their individual needs - providing some sort of control panel that would allow a user to specify what sort of master list notes they wanted Informant to generate? Informant has plenty of potential; hope it can be harnessed. regards,
  11. Some good thoughts from Liam (lgretton) on the Android ink note-taking issue. So, one of the question s that arises is: do we want Penultimate for Android at any cost? i.e. even if it doesn't integrate well with EN? Need thinking about... the PU demo videos that I've seen suggest that PU is a powerful tool for ink notes - definitely a useful tool for a tablet device - but at the same time, to make things productive, you need to be able to do things with your ink notes... integrate with EN, be able to easily do things with them after you've captured the original note, etc @happyspace - I guess the potential problem with the Samsung Galaxy Note solution is that you're tied to a particular brand/model of device? I suspect that Android EN users are looking for a ink notes app that can run on any Android device, which seemed to be the promise of PU regards,
  12. @GaryLKing - Yes, I'll experiment to see what's most useful/efficient. I just love Evernote's flexibility! Allan
  13. OK - have tested this out Created a handwritten note containing the words "Sherlock" and "Holmes" Used the camera on my Android phone to take a photo note in EN Synced the note to the EN cloud and my other devices On my desktop EN typed "Sherlock Holmes" in the search bar Results returned included the photo note with the separate words "Sherlock" and "Holmes" highlighted Was also able to search for this note in the same way on my Android device screencapture Allan
  14. @Tim Bates - Discovered the quickly disappearing note issue was a widget-related problem. On my smartphone, when using the camera icon from the widget got the response as previously described, but when using the Snapshot button on the app home screen, all worked as expected. I re-installed the widget and now the camera icon on the widget bar performs as expected. Thanks for the nudge to get me to re-look at that ;-) I'm certain that I've been able to search and get EN to recognise more than 1 word in a search phrase. I'll try that again and let you know the outcome. Allan
  15. @GaryLKing - Thanks for that info. So the Premium offline file feature (on Android at least) is not quite perfect. I was hoping to be able to open a note offline containing a PDF attachment and then annotate the PDF (using Adobe Acrobat Reader X's annotation tools), save the annotated PDF back to the ENote, and when I go back on-line the ENote with the annotated PDF would sync to the EN cloud and the ro my other devices... So perhaps I should just risk using the free version and risk the cached versions of attachments? I seem ton be able to open relevant attachments while I'm still connected and then when I go off-line, pick up the cached PDFs. If I annotate them and then save as new ENotes, then I should end up with 2 ENotes - the before and after annotation versions.... Do I need to save them to DropBox? Having updated the document, just use the Share option to create a new ENote ? Again, thanks for the advice, Gary! Allan
  16. And just tried a fresh test rather than using an existing note. Pointed my smartphone at some handwriting. Tapped the camera icon on the EN widget bar on the phone. Picture taken and saved Synced to my EN cloud . Listed "All Notes" on my Windows desktop EN. Entered a word I'd handwritten. Note containing the word found. Open the note - word is highlighted on photo (And the recognition even works on my scrawl, being able to distinguish between "Sherlock" - the searched-for word, and "Shylock" - that I'd written to see if it got confused with similar handwritten words!) So it works, but what seems to be an issue is that havinbg taken the photo, the camera app gives you the option to save or discard; if you tap "Save", you briefly see a blank note form and then it disappears with a message saying that the note has been saved to EN (in youir default folder). Would it not be possible to allow a title and other text to be added to the note before it is finally saved to EN ?
  17. Thanks for the swift feedback. Yes - I appreciate that it's not really "syncing", but that's how the Android version seems to refer to it (ansd why Itsed quote marks around it) ;-) Aha! so the offline feature is per notebook, not at the account level. Great stuff!
  18. Just tried this with an example note (that contains a photo of writing on a whiteboard) and this seems to work OK on my Windoes 7 desktop and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. Not sure what you mean by "The best I can do is get a note with a photo attached." The search for a particular word or phrase in EN returns the not or notes that contain the searched for words. If one of those found botes has the word handwritten in a photo, then it's returned with the words highlighted. Can you desctibe what you're doing and what you expect to see as a result?
  19. Hi - I'm considering an upgrade to the Premium version, and I'd appreciate some clarification about the offline "syncing" facility that's available - i.e. the ability to access attached documents (inc PDFs) offline, when you don't have a wireless connection. As I understand it, the offline "syncing" facility makes copies of your attachments available on your device so you can access them wherever you are, edit them, and re-sync to the cloud (and then to other devices) when you re-connect. Is that right? If so, I'm happy about getting copies of attachments on to my Android tablet, but not on my memory-limited Android smartphone. So my question is - if I enable the offline syncing option in Premium EN, will all devices automatically get all the attachments downloaded? or is this a per device feature? (getting the attachments downloaded to the tablet, but not to the phone...) Or have I totally misunderstood things?
  20. @Karol_1978 - EverDoIt sounds/looks interesting. But it also appears to be an Apple app... Shame, there are plenty of Android users who would be intersted in this. Any chance of an Android version of EverDoIt ?
  21. @RyGuy - thanks for the info about Papyrus. I've downloaded the beta and it looks quite good on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 device. I like the "infinite" page size, and the ease with which it 's possible to push your Papyrus scribblings into Evernpote. I'm also looking at MyScript Notes Mobile from Vision Objects. It's available for Samsung tablets from their Samsung Apps Store - it doesn't appear to be in the Google Play store.. This is built around Vision Objects digital inking and text recognition engine that I think has been around for quite a while - probably since Bill Gates demonstrated Windows XP Tablet Edition on the Windows-based Tablets of a decade ago. MyScript Notes Mobile al;so lets you export your notes as text to Evernote, or create PDFs or image files. It also includes handwriting-to-text conversion capability - either as you write, or after you finish your note taking. I like the fact that you select either to convert your handwritten text into the standard Android font, or into a neat handwriting font.. All I've got to do is to find a decent stylus to use with these apps (i.e. a non-S Pen type)
  22. Hope you can make some inroads into that backlog soon! Sorting on Android would be very useful. It would mean we could use the "modify created date" trick to get things in "to do" sequence, rather than having to insert a yyyy-mm-dd date into the note's title...
  23. Using Evernote for Android, I can see how to sort my tagged lists by various fields, i.e. date updated, date created, title, notebook, city or country. However, itwould be good if we could choose the sort sequence - ascending or descending. At the moment if I search on date created for example, I get the most recent note first in a tagged list and have to scroll to the bottom to find the earliest date created. It;s often useful to have your notes listed in ascending order (i.e. oldest first) so you can check off what's been outstanding the longest. Please could sort sequence be added as feature in the next Android release? (Unless someone can either tell me what I've overlooked, or supply a simple alternative that doesn't involve duplicating information...)
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