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  1. Yes, the theme is that Evernote ignores their users and does whatever the hell they want to do. Fine. With this latest asinine announcement by the world's stupidest and most incompetent software management staff, Evernote will be circling the drain in a few months. They have a broken product, and now to force people to buy their product that they have demonstrated no intention of fixing, their solution is to botch it up even more by demanding that users pay for the use of the (Broken! It doesn't friggin' work right!) product on more than two devices. May I recommend that the Everno
  2. This is moot, given the dipshittery that is Evernote's latest blunder, but I'll explain myself: Matt had two months to investigate and report back to the forum about what was going on. I didn't ask for a bug fix. I asked for a progress report.
  3. I could not disagree more without special tools. If Evernote developers like @PeeJayTee are active in the forums, then the least they could do is reply to posts that are two years old documenting bugs. Evernote doesn't have a "policy" about not making promises. They have a consistent track record of flatly ignoring user feedback and not replying to official or unofficial bug reports! It has been that way for at least six years, since I started participating in this forum in 2010, and some evidence I've seen indicates that it has been consistent since 2008. When I see new featu
  4. Did you hear you can chat? I'm sorry, my sarcasm isn't helping, but come on, developers! There is no excuse for this! I've read every single active thread in the Windows and Android forums, and in literally every one of them there is at least one user pointing out that Evernote developers are not responsive to bug notifications! How would you feel if this was something you counted on? A product you had paid for and needed to use, and you were ignored for months and years on end?
  5. In many cases when I have problems like this in Android (The Facebook app was famous for this.) it's an interfacing problem between my keyboard (I use Swiftkey.) and the app itself. Usually the problem resolves itself in a reboot. I have occasionally had to force stop the application. Once I needed to uninstall and reinstall the afflicted application. Have you tried any of these actions?
  6. Does the Evernote staff even notice how many users comment on their lack of transparency? You can't read even a single thread without someone remarking that Evernote staff ignore user feedback, don't reply to user requests, or pretend like we don't exist. This is exactly why some of us are growing a little grouchy about this whole thing.
  7. Probably best to let the user pick their own layout. I like @Michael Goulding's idea to have the layout follow the user's system preferences. +1 for that. If you change the layout now, at least half the users are going to complain that they liked it better the old way.
  8. The fact that you even asked this series of questions demonstrates convincingly that you are not serious about adding the feature or listening to the users. Let me answer you: We. Want. To. Search. Within. A. Note. Because. It. Is. A. Major. Function. Of. Text. Editing. To be blunt, no, most of us users don't really accept that "sometimes requests fall through the cracks." This is your own friggin' forum! You've got developers wasting time for years on a chat feature no one uses, and yet you ignore one of the basic functions of document editing! It's kind of clear that Ev
  9. Fascinating article. I'd also like to point out that Google, who Evernote hopes to compete with as a cross platform editing suite, is working on a smart car. I find THIS ARTICLE to also be relevant, particularly this part: Now, I'm absolutely certain that Evernote's development team has a bug detection sub-team. What I'm not certain of is why nothing appears to ever be done about major bugs in the system. Seriously, I'm not a Mac user, but eight friggin' years to fix the bulleted lists? That is absolutely inexcusable. I don't know, and I don't care what else Evernote was working on d
  10. Intriguingly, the same woman that was responsible for the MS Office 2010 "Ribbon" fiasco was also the one who arbitrarily decided that Windows 8 didn't need a Start menu. She has since been relegated to "Chief Design Officer," a position with no actual authority or oversight. It seems that almost all companies have a problem understanding that users are not interested in having our workflow disrupted. We don't want layout changes. We don't want menus to move. We don't want "more efficiency." We're already using the product because it makes us efficient! If it didn't, we'd find another pro
  11. Because they're too busy not fixing bugs and rolling out useless junk like Work Chat.
  12. Hi Matt; Let's just say that Evernote has a checkered past when it comes to some intrusive advertising, including using the Win10 notification area to spam ads for Work Chat. (I had to actually contact them through their Facebook page to find the setting to shut that off... and it never should have been turned on in the first place.) To their credit, I have never received an Android push notification from Evernote. They did, however, generate a user backlash when they decided to add unwanted and unneeded flags to their widget two years ago. Flags would pop up to notify you that there
  13. Seconded. I'd like this to work cross platform as well. Add this to the work stack after fixing the current crop of cut/paste errors.
  14. Only if this is completely user customizable! I mean it. Evernote pops up even one notification without my specific decision to turn it on, or if Evernote decides to use push notifications for spamming their idiotic work chat, I will say Very Bad Words. This means not one single notification is generated remotely. Not one single notification EVER comes from Evernote as a company to advertise a new product or service. Not one single notification pops up that is not manually set by the user! If there are currently projects in place that do not follow those guidelines: stop workin
  15. It's only been two years. They were busy making a chat service no one asked for and didn't have time to fix basic cross-platform functionality.
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