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  1. Yes, the theme is that Evernote ignores their users and does whatever the hell they want to do. Fine. With this latest asinine announcement by the world's stupidest and most incompetent software management staff, Evernote will be circling the drain in a few months. They have a broken product, and now to force people to buy their product that they have demonstrated no intention of fixing, their solution is to botch it up even more by demanding that users pay for the use of the (Broken! It doesn't friggin' work right!) product on more than two devices. May I recommend that the Evernote staff stop taking meth?
  2. This is moot, given the dipshittery that is Evernote's latest blunder, but I'll explain myself: Matt had two months to investigate and report back to the forum about what was going on. I didn't ask for a bug fix. I asked for a progress report.
  3. I could not disagree more without special tools. If Evernote developers like @PeeJayTee are active in the forums, then the least they could do is reply to posts that are two years old documenting bugs. Evernote doesn't have a "policy" about not making promises. They have a consistent track record of flatly ignoring user feedback and not replying to official or unofficial bug reports! It has been that way for at least six years, since I started participating in this forum in 2010, and some evidence I've seen indicates that it has been consistent since 2008. When I see new features constantly rolled out, and bugs sticking around for nearly a friggin' decade, I begin to lose faith in the idea that developers are "working hard at fixing things." The evidence is in front of us. Bugs that have been here for years are still not fixed, or even acknowledged by the staff. As I said, there is no excuse for the ridiculous length of time it takes for Evernote to unscrew core functionality of their product.
  4. There is no excuse for this. Not one new feature in the next update if a single bug older than two years has not been fixed! Are you hearing me, Devs?
  5. Did you hear you can chat? I'm sorry, my sarcasm isn't helping, but come on, developers! There is no excuse for this! I've read every single active thread in the Windows and Android forums, and in literally every one of them there is at least one user pointing out that Evernote developers are not responsive to bug notifications! How would you feel if this was something you counted on? A product you had paid for and needed to use, and you were ignored for months and years on end?
  6. In many cases when I have problems like this in Android (The Facebook app was famous for this.) it's an interfacing problem between my keyboard (I use Swiftkey.) and the app itself. Usually the problem resolves itself in a reboot. I have occasionally had to force stop the application. Once I needed to uninstall and reinstall the afflicted application. Have you tried any of these actions?
  7. Does the Evernote staff even notice how many users comment on their lack of transparency? You can't read even a single thread without someone remarking that Evernote staff ignore user feedback, don't reply to user requests, or pretend like we don't exist. This is exactly why some of us are growing a little grouchy about this whole thing.
  8. Probably best to let the user pick their own layout. I like @Michael Goulding's idea to have the layout follow the user's system preferences. +1 for that. If you change the layout now, at least half the users are going to complain that they liked it better the old way.
  9. The fact that you even asked this series of questions demonstrates convincingly that you are not serious about adding the feature or listening to the users. Let me answer you: We. Want. To. Search. Within. A. Note. Because. It. Is. A. Major. Function. Of. Text. Editing. To be blunt, no, most of us users don't really accept that "sometimes requests fall through the cracks." This is your own friggin' forum! You've got developers wasting time for years on a chat feature no one uses, and yet you ignore one of the basic functions of document editing! It's kind of clear that Evernote actively works at ignoring user requests. It's been almost two months. If there was any forward progress on this, you should have reported it long before now, Matt.
  10. Fascinating article. I'd also like to point out that Google, who Evernote hopes to compete with as a cross platform editing suite, is working on a smart car. I find THIS ARTICLE to also be relevant, particularly this part: Now, I'm absolutely certain that Evernote's development team has a bug detection sub-team. What I'm not certain of is why nothing appears to ever be done about major bugs in the system. Seriously, I'm not a Mac user, but eight friggin' years to fix the bulleted lists? That is absolutely inexcusable. I don't know, and I don't care what else Evernote was working on during that time. That is a failure so epic that there is no meme suitable even on 4Chan to describe it. NAILED IT! And this has been my major frustration with Evernote. The individual developers are saints. Management, on the other hand, needs a stern talking to. And by "stern talking to," I mean "Needs to be fired, escorted to the door by security, and have their personal belongings mailed to them." As a security professional, I will volunteer my services to assist. Yes and no. As @WeCanLearnAnything demonstrated, error free programming is eminently possible. And we can't say that "NASA has more resources than Evernote." We don't actually know what resources of its funding NASA commits to software development, but the article she linked to said there were just 276 programmers working on shuttle software in the 1990s. We do know that NASA has been in a funding crisis for the last twenty years, and their computers for most of their equipment are about on a level with an Activision. Heck, they put men on the moon with a slide rule. Up until a few years ago, THEY USED A SINGLE WOMAN TO CHECK THEIR MATH. You've got more computing power in your pocket than was used to land a rover on Mars. I think a better company to compare Evernote to is Google. Both were modern computer-era startups. Both offer similar features. (Cross platform editing and functionality.) Despite the fact that no feedback to Google is ever acknowledged or apparently listened to, they somehow managed to navigate the treacherous shoals of cross platform computing and be successful. I'm a rather bluntspoken person. I've coached and/or taught my entire adult life and published two books on coaching youth sports. I currently teach firearm safety, NRA Basic Pistol, and Concealed Carry Handgun for the State of North Carolina. I'm also a certified Krav Maga instructor who teaches self defense. The things I do are often dangerous and potentially life threatening, so let me say that I take a dim view of people saying it's "too hard" to fix bugs in software. In coaching and teaching we have a maxim that is very straightforward: What you tolerate you encourage. I absolutely don't tolerate unsafe actions on the range or in the studio. I didn't tolerate horseplay on my football field or wrestling mat, either. I don't tolerate these things because I refuse to encourage them. Evernote has bugs because they tolerate having bugs. Evernote has pissed off users because they tolerate having bugs. Evernote has used up the goodwill they developed by having an awesome product that people wanted to use because they tolerate having bugs! When I first started posting in these forums I was a polite and friendly guy. I was pretty tolerant. Now, not so much, because I am tired of tolerating Evernote's bugs.When I encounter one that has a significant impact to my workflow, I'm going to make sure it's loudly trumpeted here. If it turns out to be something stupid I'm doing, I'm certain other users will happily point out my blunders, and I will accept that because, hey, I fouled up. If it's an Evernote problem, they will fix it, listen to my voice get louder and louder, or kick me out of the forums and forever lose me as a potential paying customer. They really have those three options, because I have done runned out of tolerance. When the core features of a product are not functioning properly, such as bulleted lists and cross-platform editing that does not introduce errors into the text (Like the space stripping bug that took literally five years to fix), one must call into question the priorities of a company that focuses on releasing new features instead of fixing that functionality. Fonts are, in fact, the core feature of a RTF editor. If you can't manipulate text and choose fonts, styles, and sizes, then you might as well be running emacs on a 286. Why the heck would you pay for an editor that can't do these basic features? THERE ARE 422,000 HITS ON "ANDROID TEXT EDITORS" UNDER "APPS." Evernote is competing with all of them. I assume there are a similar number of iOs apps. I,too, was a subscriber with a paid Evernote account. I canceled it when I realized the space stripping bug wasn't getting fixed. Why would I pay for a product that doesn't work, especially when the management indicates that their priority is useless non-core features rather than fixing the broken stuff? Seriously, I keep asking, but to date not one single person has come forward to tell me they actually use work chat! Why was it the focus of Evernote's development for years instead of bug fixes? Seems to me that nearly everyone who runs Evernote uses text editing. Kinda think that making that work right should be the biggest and most important priority of the management team. Let me close with this: I am both Evernote's harshest critic and biggest fan! As I have mentioned several times, the easiest thing for me to do is walk away. I have chosen, actively made an informed decision, to continue using Evernote. That means my continued presence here doing what I can to make things better. Anyone can bytch. Anyone can complain. I try to make my complaints constructive, even if cranky. Ultimately, I want Evernote to succeed.
  11. I stand corrected. Thanks, Gustav. See, I can admit when I'm wrong. Thank you, Emerick. The wording of the reply made it seem like, "We've got this fixed. We just chose not to release that fix yet." That was probably a perception error on my part. I appreciate the heads up. I apologize if my posts engendered any extra confusion. I think Gustav is actually pretty fair. I agree with him that it can be all too easy to forget that the reason we are here is because we actually like Evernote! If we didn't, we wouldn't put this much effort into trying to help the developers get it working. So, I was looking at my Android account yesterday, trying to find a program I'd installed a couple of years ago for a friend. I realized that. since my first smartphone, I have installed over two hundred apps. I currently have about fifty installed on my Galaxy S6 that didn't come with the phone. Of those remaining 150, I'd say about a solid hundred of them I uninstalled, usually with extreme prejudice, when something went wrong. Sometimes I had to demand a refund from the developers or the Android Market. Sometimes I merely left a quick review. Evernote is one of the only ones where I actively participate in the forum to try to improve the product.
  12. You know I like you, GM, but that perception exists solely because of Evernote's absolute lack of communication with the users on this subject... and really on almost EVERY subject we have asked for information from them on; bugs that aren't fixed, features that don't work or aren't necessary, security that isn't implemented... I'm not sure I'd ask them who's leading in the football scores at this point. This is the first I've heard of Evernote being hacked in 2013. Which I'd known about it when I was taking my cybersecurity classes. It would have been relevant information and interesting to do a paper on.
  13. I don't think @gustavgi was defending Evernote, even though I don't agree with his answer even a little bit. I think there are a lot of users who are pissed at the Evernote development staff, and for good reason. They have earned this ill-will from the users. They typically don't respond to bug reports. They roll out random new features no one asked for, while ignoring failures in basic functionality that is, in fact, the whole reason anyone ever installs their product. I, too, am active in forums for other software developers, and I've never in my entire life been as ignored as I am by Evernote staff. Now, they can point to my present surly demeanor as the reason, or they can acknowledge that when I first came here in 2010 I was polite, friendly, respectful-- and not one friggin' thing I said was ever listened to, replied to, or fixed! I'm also not impressed that I asked @emerick a direct question about why this was not fixed in the current release, and he has replied to other messages in this thread while ignoring my simple query. That is exactly why I don't trust the Evernote development staff any further than I can throw a wet box spring mattress up a spiral staircase. Ignore a user for six years and he's going to stop being the friendly and sweet guy. He's going to start ripping you open. And now that I've done so, I've been called everything from a tantrum thrower to a whiner instead of the one word I should be called, which is customer. Notice that higher up in this thread I posted that a 3:1 bug fix to new feature ratio is what Evernote should be striving for. That was two days ago, and not one Evernote employee has even bothered to reply to the post or hit "like" to let me know that at least it's being read. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. @emericksaid the fix was complete. This was less than sixteen hours after the update was pushed out. Bearing in mind that we are talking about a development staff with a long and dismal history of ignoring bugs to add features. Now they have a bug fix, and they aren't releasing it. The only reason I can even conceive of such lunacy is that they are preparing to release some other damfool stupid feature no one wants or asked for in the next release, and they want a few more bug fixes to sweeten the pot so longtime users feel the developers are actually doing something about the fact that their product has gigantic, gaping holes in it.
  14. And people wonder why I'm so exasperated with Evernote development staff. That. Right there. In a nutshell.
  15. Why wasn't it fixed in this release? Why are you sitting on bug fixes for known issues?
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