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  1. I eventually solved this by reinstalling multiple times! Fourth time lucky and all okay now. Yay!
  2. Since Android update 26 Nov. All images in notes are not showing and message says they cannot be rendered properly. As I use Evernote to store important documents as images this is disastrous for me. Some images are still visible as thumbnails in card view but not showing in the actual notes.
  3. Hi I have 3 little dots next to search for menu and no presentation mode:( How do I get beta version? Thanks
  4. I love Evernote and I pay for premium and I have just noticed that on iphone/ipad/ipod versions you can use the presentation mode - We need this on Android too! (or cheaper rate for premium if we can't have all the features!!) The 'Apple-centric' approach is one thing that I don't like about Evernote... IMHO Android is better.
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