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  1. As mentioned splitting these up would result in a massive number (hundreds and hundreds) of very small notes, the reason these anchors would be useful. Currently I've manually created indexes at the start of these notes, and then use CTRL-F for that exact text, but this is of course rather clumsy, even more so on my smartphone. An anchor would allow you to even link to a specific section within a(nother) note, although even a simple ToC with header links would already be quite welcome.
  2. Slight bump. This would be very useful, any movement on this? I've seen the suggestion to just split your content up into many notes, but for situations where the individual content is just a paragraph and you have many of those that belong together, this would result in quite a mess. A structure similar to the HTML anchor would be quite welcome.
  3. Just typed ) : (without the space in between) and found it turned into a smiley. Word (at least 2016) provides a list of character combinations it will turn into someting that you can empty out. I'd expect either that in Evernote, or a simple on/off switch as previously requested.
  4. Funny, that's exactly what I had this morning. I've fixed it this way: This should be your version, doublecheck the 4 digit build number at the end just to be sure:
  5. This may be old, but still quite valid. In my case I hadn't used my Win10 tablet for a number of months, prompting windows updates and for space reasons an automated cleanup of the temp dir, which deleted the previous evernote.msi file. Upgrading wouldn't work, uninstalling wouldn't either. For this situation I've found another workaround: find the installer for the exact version you have (help -> about) here on the forums (fortunately they're still downloadable, google gives better results, using a query like site:discussion.evernote.com 6.11.2 download), and run that installer again. The correct msi should now be present, after which you can uninstall it, and then install the latest version. I haven't tried immediately upgrading, but I assume that will work too now. Note to the Evernote team: Win10 has a 'device performance & health' feature that by default is set to clean out the temp dir whenever windows requires it (more often if the user specifies so, for example weekly or monthly). It would be helpful if the installer detects which previous version of evernote is present (which may be older than the second to last release), then downloads that specific msi to the temp dir. After that, both repairs, uninstalls and upgrades should work as intended again.
  6. Slight bump, only just came across this thread... Yes, it's possible to disable evernote clipper: Also delete the EvernoteClipper shortcut from the startup folder in the start menu. Apparently occasionally it gets reenabled by an update, haven't found a way yet to deny the installer access to this one reg value.
  7. While I'm here I might as well report this one: Whenever you either continue a tickbox list (i.e. hit enter at the end of an existing tickbox line) or start a new tickbox line through the text options bar, an extra space gets added right after the tickbox that you'll have to remove manually. I've made the screenshot below in evernote for windows because it's a bit easier to upload to the forum, but this is essentially what happens. This bug got introduced a while ago and I've gotten into the habit of hitting backspace after adding a tickbox, but it's not consistent anymore with recent updates, so I sometimes end up removing the new tickbox instead. It seems to be exclusive to the Android client, Evernote for Windows does not display this behaviour.
  8. Six days without a popup for me, let's hope it stays that way. The last evernote update for android was from May 21st (i.e. before the popups above had happened), so there's still a chance it'l return though...
  9. Give it at least a few days. The popup didn't appear for me right away, if I recall correctly.
  10. Ditto, received another one titled 'beautify your notes'... This is on a brand new android 7 phone by the way, so a fresh evernote install. That's the puzzling part, on my previous phone (android 4), evernote has not shown these popups for years.
  11. Typical. That didn't even register as 'enabled' because very counterintuitively it's a tickbox that turns something off. I've... umm... enabled the disable now, see if it works.
  12. I have everything turned off in settings -> notifications, yet I'm still regularly confronted with some sort of pop up on the evernote "All notes" screen (right now it's titled "Collect what you like", cfr image). How can I turn this off permanently?
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