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  1. On my Mac, I just right click and choose Open with . . . evernote.app Seems to work ok, and is as effective as Share, when that worked.
  2. I see that you can no longer export to HTML. That's handy.
  3. App developers have to stop making a big song and dance about a new version and getting people to update when, despite beta testing, it still doesn't function correctly. This is the kind of attitude that brings down airliners.
  4. But being told to use the legacy version is like spending £30k on the latest spec GTi and then being told to drive last year's model.
  5. Sorry, but they can't. Only Evernote's "Global Shortcuts". I use Command and Backspace to insert the date but that is fixed in Evernote to add a tag.
  6. Why should Premium subscribers have to put up with this "go back to the legacy version". This is criminal.
  7. You have a Premium subscription but somehow think its OK for those of us who also have a Premium subscription to put up with something that's effectively outdated? What are we, second class citizens or something? We pay a subscription to look forward to improvements and a better product, not to be told to stick with an unsupported "legacy" product. Sorry, but this is making me very angry.
  8. The story so far: No ability to change the keyboard shortcuts so I can use shortcuts set up to use on my Mac, such as entering today's date in a specific format. Cannot access Stacks when moving notes within its own edit window. Moving 1500 notes from said stack to my Work Notebook takes forever because Evernote can't cope with more than 50 notes at a time. And yet we can send a spaceship to Mars.
  9. I looked at Devonthink and found it to be nonsensical. Note taking is meant to be just that, not re-inventing the wheel . . . why do app developers make everything overly complicated? Most of the real world hasn't got a clue about "s c r i p t i n g" or "c o d e". I hate being so dismissive, but I have an aversion to geeks who haunt the corridors of these forums waiting to patronise those who are just trying to get through the day with a little mental pain as possible. With every respect to you, but would your mother understand this statement: " There's no sync to a server maintaining a master data version"
  10. I'm with you on this totally. The new version is a mess. I use the previous version on an older Mac and it's a far better experience. This is a case of 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'. Trouble is, Evernote has you by the short and curlies — especially if you've been a devotee for a decade or more. So much of people's lives is now embedded in the Evernote universe that to give it up would be mentally painful, let alone a waste of time. I'm really stuck as too what is best to do. Re-instate my scanner and printer, and make more use of iCloud I guess . . . .
  11. Yes, having the same problem. There's a lot about this new Mac version I really dislike. It's a mess basically.
  12. My guess that this lower resolution text was an idea by Evernote to provide a preview quality version, which when you find the note you want to work on, you open it and it renders correctly. Perhaps they thought it would make the storage of notes more efficient. Just a guess. Anyway, I have the same issue as everyone else, it isn't good, but at least I can take the strain of my eyes by opening up the note I'm interested in... not ideal, but not really a disaster. A very First World problem really, but it would definitely be nice to see it fixed.
  13. Two years on and still nothing? For something that I pay for this seems poor. It surely can't be that difficult to be able to add tags when saving a document. If it is, then someone please tell us why. This is like being stuck in traffic and not knowing why.
  14. Arrrgghhhh. Now I find that the tags list only refers to those tags relating to that particular Notebook. That's silly.
  15. OK found them... little luggage label icon near the search box in the particular notebook I'm currently looking at. The icon should be located in the grey tool bar along with the Notes, Search, Add Note, Starred and Account icons.
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