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  1. I see a couple of posters here missed a crucial fact: this affects users running High Sierra. It's nothing short of amazing Evernote never fixed this, and never reached out to decade long users like myself, nor made any effort to win me back as a paying user.
  2. Hi, I am Sebastian and I'm experiencing the same issue with note text being very poorly displayed. As multiple users (working on different machines) reported this problem, it most likely reflects a coding issue in the latest evernote's update for Mac. I really hope the evernote development team is working on resolving this text rendering problem; and that they will be more cautious with future updates.

  3. Amazing that they never fixed this. Also, I never did find the merge-thread Shane D said he built, to track this issue. It's now February and I see many users like me simply had to quit, or downgrade because of this issue.
  4. Thanks for all the efforts. As a result of this fiasco, I am cancelling my Evernote account after many years. Or rather, I am going to get out of Premium as there is no way I can use the application in its current state. I will go back to Basic, I think, on the web for a while. Just to recap: @EvernoteHelp on Twitter was of no help. There is no way to email Evernote. This is already a time-taker. And the suggestion by Nick to email Evernote logs? I mean, if we have reached that stage, it says something. The biggest surprise to me in all this was to discover there is effectively no support for the app, as a paid monthly subscriber. That was revealing. Best to all. Finally, as I downgrade back to Basic, just a note: You see that button that says "Having an Issue, Contact Customer Support?" Yup, that goes into a doom-loop, where you will never be able to contact customer support.
  5. Amazingly, there is no way to contact Evernote directly to inform them of this problem because 1) they don't provide Help email and 2) where they do place a Send Email button on their Help section, pushing that button automatically logs you out of Evernote web edition. I know. It sounds too ridiculous to be true. Go to this link: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us And then push this button:
  6. Yup. There is is. And yes, I too am running High Sierra on both an iMac desktop, and an MBAir. And it all looks just as awful as your screenshot. Thanks for posting. Meanwhile, I have found no way to contact Evernote, as all pathways also seem to have problems. If you get any feedback, perhaps you could share again.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Yes, you posted the exact link for getting online help and creating a ticket that will not let me in. Let me explain: when I go to that link, and I am already signed in to my account, Evernote opens up a page that says "you have been logged out." When I try to log in again, it sends me to the same page, "you have been logged out." I just tried it again from the link you posted. Same result. Here is the screen shot, meanwhile, of how my text looks after today's update. This is how the text looks in the app, when running the app on a Mac. At the moment, I am of course in the web version to respond to you. Thanks for your help. I have never had this much trouble with Evernote, and have been a user since 2012, if not earlier. First, here is how the text looks on one Mac, where I took the latest update Now let's look at the text on my other Mac, which has not taken the latest evernote update.
  8. Evernote is a real disaster today. The latest update, Version 7.6 (457299 App Store) Editor: 59.0.7031 (d523909), has converted all my text to ragged resolution. And then, when I tried to email Evernote, the online version actually logged me out 6 times each time I tried to log in. This is really affecting my work. Evernote needs to say something about this most recent update, and in addition, what is up with the multiple logouts?
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