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  1. If a note is opened the latest version of Evernote for Mac updates the note time stamp under "Updated" EVEN IF NO EDIT OCCURS!!! Worse, there is no longer the ability to change the update date in the note details. This is CRITICAL now that the program changes this date when the note is ONLY OPENED. I keep my notes organized by the date they are updated and DO NOT WANT that update date time stamp to get changed simply because I go back and open a note to review the note!
  2. Keyboard shortcuts do not work in Title line - cannot add date using keyboard. This is important if you have a diary and title each note by the date like I do. Date no longer has Day of week, only the date. This is important to me and cannot be changed or modified to include the day of the week. Auto update is a disaster for people that want to organize based on last modification, as I do. I need to open notes and review and do NOT want a review to change the last update stamp. I only want the last update stamp to update if I make a change to the note. New version changes last update even upon a review or opening of the note. Last updated timestamp cannot be modified or edited. Cannot remove preview pane. I will come back and add more issues as they occur.
  3. OMG! I cannot believe that I wake up and get to work and have to spend hours trying to get this latest version to work! The date cannot be inserted in the title! This is critical as I have a diary and title each note by the date. I am sure many others do the same and now I cannot use the keyboard shortcut to add the date. Also, I do not want to have a preview window. I want all my notes to show and then to double click whatever note I want to pop out and work on. I have already spent an hour trying to get rid of the preview window with no success.
  4. YES!! I want this feature too. I organize my daily diary by the date I created the note for obvious reasons but I want all other notes to be organized by the last date they were edited. This feature is badly needed!!
  5. Now, if we could only get the time and date in IOS it would be great!
  6. I want to pin notes too. For example, I keep a daily journal with all the important/relevant events of the day, and I would like to pin a note titled "Important Things Learned 2018" at the top that I can easily see and edit whenever there is a key idea or lesson.
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