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  1. Thanks for the thoughtful response. I never had any issues with users who are content with the current EN version. That's of course possible as we all use EN differently and have different system configurations. Like you said, I'm sure these users aren't even paying attention to any of the long forum complaint posts that had gone cold, or online EN reviews. Exactly because I used to be such a user myself. Blissfully unaware. Quite ironic that I’ve only started getting active in the forums on my way out. So no, I wasn’t singling users like yourself out at all. In fact, good for you. I wouldn't wish on anyone my whole ulcer-inducing process of coming to terms with having to migrate, the wasted time testing alternatives but never quite finding one that fits, and almost a year later, still stuck in ‘transit’ mode, juggling between 3 different apps, waiting for just one to catch up so I can make good on my word and finally put this bout behind me. It was just refreshing for me to read another member stating it’s important that the company he chooses to support treats other customers right, so I wanted to give a shout out. Often times while reading forum replies here and on reddit, I wondered aloud to myself why some folks don’t seem to realise if negative posts don’t seem to die down, it is less to do with there being 'a small irrelevant group of entitled whiners and drama queens’, as was often the excuse given, but more telling of the way a company handles problems and its user base. And of course there's always this 'If they can do it to them today, they can do it to you too someday' red flag. I'm definitely aware of these hostile ones too and I'm sorry they've taken their anger out at you. I usually give them a pass though, as I figured their rage was a result of feeling abandoned or ignored by a company they had been passionate about and supported for a long time. I tend to put the blame on EN rather than the users themselves for their poor (and misdirected) conduct towards you, if you ask me 😜
  2. Thank you for this line. I feel exactly the same way and it heavily contributed to my decision to move on from EN last year. I've been reading forum posts here periodically since all the v.10 problems started and have rarely come across someone saying outright that they value this. So this means a lot to me. I wouldn't say I'm surprised to see die-hard EN loyals act the way they do. Still, I used to feel disheartened, and now am often just numb witnessing how dismissive some users can be to other frustrated users who are in distress about their once-fav app not working properly, complaints/missing feature requests that have gone cold etc. Many here seem to have an 'as long as it's working for me...' and 'if you don't like it, shut up and just leave' attitude. Anyway, not trying to start a discussion on ethics here. Just wanted to point out I appreciate that another fella user care about these things.
  3. It's become a white elephant now for a couple of months for many of us. Just saying 😜
  4. I just came off replying to a similar question before I saw this topic. Personally I'm very content with EN Legacy and have not experienced the issues you mentioned with the web clipper, but am still phasing EN out, out of principle and because no tab functionality in future editions is a deal-breaker for me. If it's not absolutely necessary for you to have your web clippings attached to a notetaking app, have you considered other tools with web clipping functions? For example, I now make a point these days to also 'save a permanent copy' when bookmarking web pages with raindrop.io (my bookmarking tool). Premium users get to use this. From the 'preview' screen it takes 1 button click to open/expand either the saved copy or visit the actual website. I believe a 'notes' and 'annotation' function are also in the roadmap. I've also bookmarked Diigo to test out soon. Like Raindrop, premium users there also get the 'archived web pages' feature, but for now I can't vouch for this app yet. PS: I haven't tested any of these on Android as I only make web clippings when working on a desktop.
  5. While testing EN alternatives I discovered that what many apps call their 'web clipper' were nothing more than a bookmarking tool, instead of saving the entire page as a note like EN. I'm kinda resigned to the idea that I won't find a perfect EN replacement so am now in the process of getting comfortable with using a few apps for different purposes. For web clippings, I make a point these days to 'save a permanent copy' when bookmarking web pages with raindrop.io (my bookmarking tool). Premium users get to use this permanent copy function. From the 'preview' screen it takes 1 button click to open/expand the page. I believe a 'notes' and 'annotation' function are also in the roadmap. In general I'm really impressed by how fast the raindrop dev is bringing out new features so I have faith that it will get even more intuitive as time goes by. I've also bookmarked Diigo to test out soon. Premium users there also get the 'archived web pages' feature, but for now I can't vouch for this app yet. I won't claim the above suggestions are in any way an elegant replacement for EN's web clipper but hopefully it gives you a few more options.
  6. I feel you. Thankfully I've had two weeks come to terms with this truth. I'm sorta at stage 5 now.
  7. Good to know. I was considering Devonthink as an option. My week-long search for a simple notetaking app that allows for tabs had been in vain thanks to every app also hopping on the Electron bandwagon, which upset me even more that Evernote decided to do away with a feature that had set them apart from the rest of the competition. Nevertheless, Typora (though not a notetaking app, more like a markdown editor) allows for tabs. Obsidian also allows for multiple panes, which means I can open several notes side by side. So that'll have to do for now. I just gotta get comfortable with having markdown in my life from now on. Update 10 May 2021: Just dropped in to say I've been enjoying using craft.do as well, which also allows for tabs. Haven't moved any EN notes there yet but have been creating new notes with it. There's a lot of potential here.
  8. Thanks for the tip. Have bookmarked the link and am gonna check it out. Devonthink and KeepIt are both options I've yet to test out, mainly because I also use Android. Esp. if I'd like the option of accessing Devonthink on the web, I’d have to cough up $500 (if I didn’t remember wrongly). I’m sure you can imagine why I might have commitment phobia right now just after breaking off my decade-long affair with EN 😅 But yeah, I have not ruled out Devonthink as an option yet. It’s still on the cards. Update: I have ruled out Devonthink as an option too A member using Devonthink mentioned that there's no more tab functionality since they released the new version a year ago. Yep, Nimbus came up early as an option (Nice looking UI, easy EN import, responsive support, tempting price), but I ruled that out pretty quickly after security concerns were brought up on reddit, plus it lost some of my notes and failed to warn me about it during import. There isn't one perfect Legacy replacement for me either, and all this testing and transition is a major pain in my butt too, but this episode has also opened my eyes. Made me realise I want to get to a place where I won't be held hostage by another app again. So am planning to spread my notes between 2-3 specialised apps, getting used to introducing markdown to my workflow etc. It's all giving me one helluva headache at the moment, but I know it'll get better. Just the withdrawal period I gotta grind through. Tentatively, I've settled on Notion for web clipping and as a general hub and starting point for my links and references. Minus points: it's yet another Electron app so it's sluggish + no local storage. So this is where Obsidian + Typora come in. Using Obsidian to build on my writing/research content. I might not even need Typora after Obsidian's WYSIWYG editor is released, but for now I'm loving that Typora allows me to open as many notes as possible in tabs just like EN Legacy. Both Notion and Obsidian still have room to mature and I'm actually looking forward to that.
  9. The answer isn't that clear cut. It depends how you use evernote and what platform you're interested in. Web version? Windows? Mac? iOS? Android? Also if the features you missed in this update are tied to native apps, many of the apps out there using Electron like evernote’s newest engine won't please you either. Seeing that you’re a basic user, I’m gonna make some assumptions here. Notion or Nimbus are probably sufficient for your needs and they both have an evernote importer. Nimbus lost some of my notes during the import process however, plus the security concerns I’ve read are enough to keep me away, though many other members here are happy with it. Joplin also has an evernote importer but it again depends on what features you need and if you’re comfortable with markdown. If you’re on the mac ecosystem, then Apple Notes is an option that will cover the basics. I think the best thing is to check out this post for yourself and find out which app suits your needs best: https://www.reddit.com/r/Evernote/comments/j87fb9/please_help_me_find_the_evernote_alternative/ I found scrolling through all the discussions on this forum helpful. Perhaps perform a forum search using certain keywords, such as apps you need more info of.
  10. Just posting to say thanks for sharing your note because once again, I've reached my reactions limit for the day and couldn't 'like' your post. I had a similar 'eye-roll' experience when testing various apps that mostly turned out to be also run on electron so I could relate. Each time I read 'electron garbage' it made me laugh. I will be keeping Notion has one of my solutions though. It can come in useful in some areas plus I went in knowing it won't be a full EN replacement. ( btw what's the point of this daily reactions limit? I happen to admin several active forums and I don't get it. The risk of someone spamming using reactions is so low. I'd like to be able to show appreciation for posts made by fellow members that have been helpful or acknowledge responses to my posts but can never get past a few reactions before I'm 'muted'. ) @Coffee First Thing: Agree with Sayre Ambrosio. Coming across these hilarious and fitting descriptions of EN v10 on this forum has become part of my regular therapy now. It makes all the effort and time I've been wasting trying to purge 9 years of EN out of my system somewhat more tolerable.
  11. Am switching, canceling my sub, but keeping existing notes around on EN till I’ve safely migrated and gotten used to my new workflows. Someone said earlier that EN broke his heart. It broke mine too. Sounds silly I know. I get that EN decisions aren’t personal, but for me it is. I consider myself a low-maintenance user, the kind that leaves their subscriptions running once they've committed, who rarely bothers support staff for anything and would just quietly figure out problems, tolerate minor bugs and freezes, taking for granted that future updates would eventually fix things. Until now. I signed up to the forum recently only after the v10 update seriously interrupted my workflow. I have to say... reading all these posts more eloquent than my own on here and on reddit expressing the frustration and disappointment I too am feeling was a source of comfort to me. This has been an awfully unproductive week where I’ve barely made progress at work, because instead, I’ve been spending what little spare time I had on researching and testing alternatives. No, I haven’t found anything better than EN legacy. For my needs, Legacy still works best compared to what’s out there. But I’m stubborn this way. So I’m still leaving. Have found 3 apps with different strengths that can cover most of my needs with some adjustment. The way I see it, I like my odds better elsewhere where my needs aren’t relegated to the bottom 2%. Plus I’m a Mac desktop user who relies heavily on features unique to native Mac apps (like tabs!) that are either impossible to implement on Electron or unlikely to be implemented (or they would have said something by now to stem the exodus). No matter how they play their next chess move, for Mac users like myself, Legacy is as good as it’ll ever get for us. But Legacy’s not supported, we know as much. So it’s all quite clear that I'm in the losing camp either way in EN’s Electron future, even if I could find it in myself to put aside my resentment and hang around for longer. Migration will only get harder as my database gets bigger. The sooner I get off, the sooner I get to return notetaking to what it should be – a productive activity that’s second nature rather than the thorn in my flesh it currently is.
  12. This worked for me: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote
  13. I wished I had read all of this before I upgraded 😥 I was in the middle of doing work with at least 5 tabs open when I got a prompt to upgrade. Imagine my surprise when I lost all of that. Spent the rest of the night re-visiting some of the evernote alternatives I've been testing such as Notion, Bear etc just to see if I should finally bite the bullet and make that jump. Previously, the primary reason that kept me here with evernote was the ability to use tabs. I'll find a way to download the older version till I can find a solution. In the meantime I hope the devs hear us out and bring the tabs back soon!
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