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  1. It's become a white elephant now for a couple of months for many of us. Just saying 😜
  2. I just came off replying to a similar question before I saw this topic. Personally I'm very content with EN Legacy and have not experienced the issues you mentioned with the web clipper, but am still phasing EN out, out of principle and because no tab functionality in future editions is a deal-breaker for me. If it's not absolutely necessary for you to have your web clippings attached to a notetaking app, have you considered other tools with web clipping functions? For example, I now make a point these days to also 'save a permanent copy' when bookmarking web pages with raindrop.io (my book
  3. While testing EN alternatives I discovered that what many apps call their 'web clipper' were nothing more than a bookmarking tool, instead of saving the entire page as a note like EN. I'm kinda resigned to the idea that I won't find a perfect EN replacement so am now in the process of getting comfortable with using a few apps for different purposes. For web clippings, I make a point these days to 'save a permanent copy' when bookmarking web pages with raindrop.io (my bookmarking tool). Premium users get to use this permanent copy function. From the 'preview' screen it takes 1 button click t
  4. I feel you. Thankfully I've had two weeks come to terms with this truth. I'm sorta at stage 5 now.
  5. Good to know. I was considering Devonthink as an option. My week-long search for a simple notetaking app that allows for tabs had been in vain thanks to every app also hopping on the Electron bandwagon, which upset me even more that Evernote decided to do away with a feature that had set them apart from the rest of the competition. Nevertheless, Typora (though not a notetaking app, more like a markdown editor) allows for tabs. Obsidian also allows for multiple panes, which means I can open several notes side by side. So that'll have to do for now. I just gotta get comfortable with having markd
  6. Thanks for the tip. Have bookmarked the link and am gonna check it out. Devonthink and KeepIt are both options I've yet to test out, mainly because I also use Android. Esp. if I'd like the option of accessing Devonthink on the web, I’d have to cough up $500 (if I didn’t remember wrongly). I’m sure you can imagine why I might have commitment phobia right now just after breaking off my decade-long affair with EN 😅 But yeah, I have not ruled out Devonthink as an option yet. It’s still on the cards. Update: I have ruled out Devonthink as an option too A member using Devonthink mentioned that
  7. The answer isn't that clear cut. It depends how you use evernote and what platform you're interested in. Web version? Windows? Mac? iOS? Android? Also if the features you missed in this update are tied to native apps, many of the apps out there using Electron like evernote’s newest engine won't please you either. Seeing that you’re a basic user, I’m gonna make some assumptions here. Notion or Nimbus are probably sufficient for your needs and they both have an evernote importer. Nimbus lost some of my notes during the import process however, plus the security concerns I’ve read are en
  8. Just posting to say thanks for sharing your note because once again, I've reached my reactions limit for the day and couldn't 'like' your post. I had a similar 'eye-roll' experience when testing various apps that mostly turned out to be also run on electron so I could relate. Each time I read 'electron garbage' it made me laugh. I will be keeping Notion has one of my solutions though. It can come in useful in some areas plus I went in knowing it won't be a full EN replacement. ( btw what's the point of this daily reactions limit? I happen to admin several active forums and I don't get it.
  9. Am switching, canceling my sub, but keeping existing notes around on EN till I’ve safely migrated and gotten used to my new workflows. Someone said earlier that EN broke his heart. It broke mine too. Sounds silly I know. I get that EN decisions aren’t personal, but for me it is. I consider myself a low-maintenance user, the kind that leaves their subscriptions running once they've committed, who rarely bothers support staff for anything and would just quietly figure out problems, tolerate minor bugs and freezes, taking for granted that future updates would eventually fix things. Unti
  10. This worked for me: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote
  11. I wished I had read all of this before I upgraded 😥 I was in the middle of doing work with at least 5 tabs open when I got a prompt to upgrade. Imagine my surprise when I lost all of that. Spent the rest of the night re-visiting some of the evernote alternatives I've been testing such as Notion, Bear etc just to see if I should finally bite the bullet and make that jump. Previously, the primary reason that kept me here with evernote was the ability to use tabs. I'll find a way to download the older version till I can find a solution. In the meantime I hope the devs hear us out and bring
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