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  1. I guess change is just not easy for me. I just didn't like the look of it compared to the old one. Anyway, I found the answer on a YouTube video.
  2. I switched to the "new" Evernote and hate it. Can I switch back to the previous version I had before?
  3. I tried the "merge-delete" suggestion, and It worked! Success, many thanks!😊
  4. The best I can explain: A mysterious note appeared in my all notes list-"Untitled note'." I don't know how it got there, it's blank except for "Template" at the top.
  5. These are the last entries:13:42:14 [ERROR ] [7304] [2336] * 1 note failed to sync 13:42:14 [ERROR ] [7304] [2336] * Note: "Untitled note", error: "local: missing notebook (DATA_REQUIRED)" 13:42:14 [ERROR ] [7304] [7264] Failed to get Google contacts for current user, error code: 4 13:42:14 [ERROR ] [7304] [7264] Failed to retrieve Google Contacts
  6. Could someone please tell me what this symbol means and how to correct it? The ! over sync.
  7. Thanks. Let's put this to SLEEP now.
  8. OK, thanks for all your input.
  9. This comes up on right click in menu bar. See directions on Evernote site.
  10. No, I have windows. And, my Q remains.
  11. I just learned about the "Evernote Helper." It appears to me that it does the same job as the Web Clipper. Am I wrong or does it have functionality the WC doesn't?
  12. Since Google started the new Gmail, I can't clip emails. I have to revert back to the old Gmail to do it. Will this be corrected?
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