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  1. Thanks. Let's put this to SLEEP now.
  2. OK, thanks for all your input.
  3. From a YouTube video:
  4. This comes up on right click in menu bar. See directions on Evernote site.
  5. No, I have windows. And, my Q remains.
  6. I just learned about the "Evernote Helper." It appears to me that it does the same job as the Web Clipper. Am I wrong or does it have functionality the WC doesn't?
  7. bobzani


  8. bobzani


    Since Google started the new Gmail, I can't clip emails. I have to revert back to the old Gmail to do it. Will this be corrected?
  9. I need to send a copy of a group of receipts to a friend.
  10. Is it possible to email an entire notebook with 8-10 notes in it, all at once?
  11. A category has mysteriously shown up in my left panel-"Shared," below my notebooks. What is it? It contains 8 notes which I never shared with anyone. Can I get rid of it? I tried right-clicking on it, but nothing comes up.
  12. Thanks much. It worked perfectly! (Even with the criticism, sorry my life doesn't revolve around Evernote.)
  13. Could you be more specific? I don't know how to "select all notes." There are 45 notes.
  14. How do I change a notebook FROM a "local" to a regular notebook, hopefully all at once?
  15. I have a group of notes with the same tag for which I want to create a new folder. How do I do so "en masse," instead of one at a time?
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