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  1. Slow, laggy, woeful. I'm terribly sorry for this harsh assessment but there is little more to say. Whoever made the decision to release 10.x without it being ready, may have destroyed this company. 😐
  2. Evernote 8.x starts up in less than a second when NOT in memory. The Electron framework used in Evernote 10.x is infamously slow, bloated, and uses up resources, i.e. CPU and RAM like nothing else. Whoever is of the opinion that releasing Evernote before it was ready (and without the capability of having it fixed for months) was a good idea, is most likely the type of person who has not yet realised that Evernote is pretty much 'game over'. Check the Play Store reviews. Lessons can be learnt from this for future projects. For Evernote it's too late though.
  3. Why oh why did anyone think it would be a good idea to release 10.x before it was ready? The previous version (8.1.3) was working fine. It is astonishing that the Evernote developers don't seem to be able to fix 10.x. I don't want to sound overly negative, but check the Play Store reviews. Evernote is "game over" unless the problems (speed) get fixed asap. 😛
  4. Well deserved indeed. Hard to believe that they thought releasing rubbish software wouldn't have consequences. The crazy thing is that the previous Evernote version was quite all right. 🤔
  5. Is 10.6 less sluggish than 10.5.1? The Play Store rating is at 4.0 now. It'll most likely drop to 3.9 soon if it still takes six to ten seconds to open the app!😝
  6. How could this new version have been released without being ready? v8.x was so much more responsive, had more features, and simply worked. v10.x is a slow mess. I'll give Evernote another two weeks. Then it is Joplin or OneNote for me.
  7. Hi there! Evernote has become quite sluggish since the release of V10.x.. The app itself usually takes five seconds to open on phones with flag ship hardware. Very annoying if one needs to check something quickly or just note down a few words. Search is slow. Fairly often one simply gets a blank page when clicking on any note. The only way of solving this problem seems to be to restart the app. The in-app website browser is ridiculously slow. I don't know who made the decision to release a beta version of Evernote to the public and not have it fixed for months, but I'm very sorry to say that I hope he is no longer with the company. What has your experience been? ☹️
  8. That's quite the statement. Have you seen (and read) all the 1-star reviews in the play store? You can't possibly think that v10 is better than V8 after that. Also, a note taking app which takes five seconds to open, is just not competitive.
  9. Yeah, Evernote is pretty much game over. I recommend exporting/moving your notes before it's too late. Who knows what will happen next! This version should have never been released. Astonishing decision by management. This was the final nail in the coffin for Evernote. Mark my words. 😒
  10. Where to start? The app has become painfully slow with the latest update. Takes 5 seconds to open on the most powerful hardware. Even longer on older phones. Loads of bugs and missing features like opening a website link or retaining the position in a note when briefly switching apps to copy text. Read the comments under those 1-star Play Store reviews. It is nothing short of astonishing that a project manager went forward with the release of V10. Evernote must be losing Premium members by large numbers. Pity, really.
  11. I do happen to have another question. Why does this version of Evernote take five seconds to open on Android phones with really powerful CPUs?
  12. How can one go back to the previous version of Evernote? The current one is unusable. The latest version of Evernote takes five seconds to open on a phone with Snapdragon 855. Hyperlinks in notes don't open any longer. Search is slow. I'm not sure why the decision was made to release this Evernote version without proper testing but at least provide a way to go back to the previous version. Thank you. 😊
  13. I've got the same issue on a OnePlus 7 Pro. I can't open any website links in notes. What a fiasco. 😦
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