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  1. I did menu item File/Quit Evernote. My reply was to comment that "Quitting the app does NOT help. EN-Process keep alive to speed up re-starts. " which is not true. I have never closed Evernote the way you you mentioned when I want to quit evernote.
  2. I am on Windows and when I quit the app, all EN-Process exit except Evernote Clipper. I have had the same problem as @kbhasi and when EN acts up using GB ram or 100% CPU, I quit and restart the app.
  3. I logged a ticket with EN support. Their reply is it is not yet a supported feature. @Mike P your are lucky I guess. LOL.
  4. Good to know it is working correctly for someone; there is hope anything is possible 🙂 I checked my Windows Regional settings and they are for the UK. I do not use chrome. I installed by downloading EN. Did you install your EN from the Windows store?
  5. EN 10+ displays/inserts dates/times in USA format (i.e. mm/dd/yyyy) and AM/PM). Please use the locale of the user for these formats (e.g. dd/mm/yyyy and 24 hour hh:mm).
  6. as far as the spell-check / dictionary issue... does that mean I have to add new words one by one in a text file somewhere? What happened to the right-click > add to dictionary function? Am I missing something?

    1. apmccall@email.arizona.edu


      Doesn't work for me either. 

  7. To be sure it a workaround for the missing feature and not a real solution. But as I am a 90% Windows user, I love this workaround and wished I had thought of it-very handy. Thanks @cfjrb for the workaround. It is added to my Evernote workflow on Windows.
  8. I am using 6.16.1 beta and my one saved search is still on my toolbar.
  9. @gazumped The dictionary file is stored: C:\Users\<<USER NAME>>\Evernote\LocalStorage\Custom Dictionary.txt Spell check is working for me. Custom Dictionary.txt updates when I add my terms. Sadly, you no longer can edit words into the text file. Some goofball of a programmer added a checksum_v1 to the file. Wonderful. MD5 checksum so you can hack it.
  10. @ej8899 I have to admin that bold titles look natural in snippet view. Sady, I generally use list view and bold title are jarring I hope EN makes bold titles an user option.
  11. Great. They are hiding beta information from the Release Notes. Previous beta releases were clearly labeled as such in the release notes. Wonderful. Thanks for the heads-up.
  12. Beta release or not? I am on the beta channel and received the V6.15 today. From the release notes (see below) it looked like a production release and not a beta (2 or otherwise). Is today's release V6.25 beta or not?
  13. The checksum is a simple MD5 checksum over all the word in the dictionary but not line with the checksum. Editing is possible, but now you need to be pretty geeky to do so. Notepad++ has a default Tool that helps.
  14. In the latest V6.15 release the dictionary file has been moved and renamed. Oh, joy. Also, it is "protected" by a checksum making it harder to edit. More joy. See
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