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  1. If you're going to quote Radio Gaga you really should be using the line "and just complain when you're not there" in this thread. :-)
  2. Thanks. You hid that particular light under a bushel. :-) But now it's shining in the open air.
  3. I haven't been able to find out what "suggested notes" means. And I don't think I see anything different on my Today screen. Please elucidate.
  4. I wonder if we should consider note "curation" or "refactoring" to be one of Evernote's areas for improvement.
  5. Well, it might be a string LITERAL limit - rather than a string VARIABLE limit. If so there's maybe hope because a variable can be - in most languages - strung :-) together from multiple shorter ones. Not sure how you do concatenation in VBA (and it's 30 years since I last touched BASIC so not keen to find out now).
  6. Why is Work Chat even there for non-Business users? I wonder how many Evernote users even know anyone to share a Work Chat with? Or maybe it's not just Evernote users.
  7. Maybe an Excel string limit is 64KB (or 32KB but 64KB seems a closer match).
  8. Is this going into a single cell? Maybe there's a cell size limit. (Not familiar enough with Excel to know.)
  9. Semantically, Evernote thinks you've re-tagged - I suspect. "Tag refactoring" is something I'd like to see Evernote address.
  10. @jjwells Private businesses can make business decisions any way they want to. Of the three things you suggested, they've said next to nothing: Linux client, web app note merging, Web app HTML5 offline storage. It would seem to me, though, that note merging is the easiest and most likely. But I'm just a customer of Evernote's (though an IT technical specialist of 30 years' standing).
  11. I think you mean "RE-quadrilateralise" :-) and yes it IS. :-)
  12. This might be a "stretch" objective but I tried to scan a page or several yesterday that had been folded and so were no longer flattenable. I wonder if it's possible for Scannable to learn how to do a better job - it not being a quadrilateral anymore but more like six-sided.
  13. The down side of this is "misfires". I'm finding Scannable a little "trigger happy" and try to avoid that by not letting the phone rest while near paper. :-) I assume Scannable uses motion detection of some sort to decide when to try to acquire a page.
  14. I just recommended it to my Dad - not an Evernote user (yet) - as it is standalone. Initially I was against that, but now I see some use cases. I'm hoping Evernote will build some more synergy between this and the Evernote app - but I can't think of what. :-)
  15. I noted the title from the email option was something unhelpful like "Scannable from Scannable" plus a bit more verbage. So I'd echo the chance to give things a more meaningful title.
  16. Anyone have any experiences with the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless headphones and companion Jabra Sport Life app? I'm thinking particularly of heart rate monitoring as well as playback of standard iOS music and podcasts. And any integration with Evernote (perhaps via IFTTT)?
  17. Well back in the Version 3 and (I think) 4 days it certainly WAS broken under Wine. And Evernote weren't bothered by that.
  18. What platform? And to flip it on its head: Under what conditions do I get numbers to be underlined (linked)? What does this do for me? Automatic dialing hotlink on certain phones?This actually sounds like URI / URL recognition and underlining. Which translates into "open in your default browser" or maybe "open the linked page from within Evernote".
  19. Evernote always USED TO BE broken under Wine. Unfortunately you have to count yourself as lucky it ever got working.
  20. One day someone will write a pipeline toolchain for Evernote notes. Sort filtering - perhaps limited to tables or lists - would be an early candidate for a stage in such a toolchain. (And I don't care if it's Linux (unlikely), Windows (I have it under KVM under Linux) or OSX (I have that too). :-) Or even iOS.) I'd even accept the notion that the output is a NEW note.
  21. The question is why you'd be driven to a (paid) third-party application to export your notes, @Voryzen. Care to elaborate?
  22. Well for once upgrading to the beta and then to the full 5.6.1 version worked fine. Fingers crossed the upgrade of betas path is now fixed.
  23. @jefito Agreed but a better set of authoring tools would be an "on ramp" to more usage. For me as a Premium die-hard it probably doesn't matter. But in Marketing terms it might cause significantly more conversions from Free to Premium. And I suspect the competition won't - as always - stand still. In my view the key to this is the authoring tools ecosystem - as third-party developers are bound to outpace Evernote's own development efforts. I'm not sure I like that conclusion much, especially as few of them are both free and comprehensive.
  24. Still no table-related shortcut keys - such as "add row below cursor".
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