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  1. I am not sure whether this has just started happening in this beta or not. I am getting a very large (37mm) top margin above the Note Title and a simlarly large left and right margin. The bottom margin is small at around 14mm. There is a minimal top margin (12mm) on p2. The margins are all set to 25.4mm in Page Setup. It's not often that I print from Evernote, but I do want it to fit reasonably on the page. I have just been through this at length with a support representative on the web chat and he suggests that I raise it here. The same issue occurs whether I print to my Oki C531 o
  2. I have previously noted that Evernote doesn't carry over the user dictionary between updates. I end up re-adding the same local placenames and the like every few days. I have also previously suggested that the user dictionary goes into the database, so that it is available on whichever machine or platform is in use. (No response yet)
  3. I am also having problems printing - it just prints blank pages. In the past it would only print the first time in any session - now I can print any time - but only blank pages. Print preview produces a PDF - as previously - which I can then print normally. Version:, Windows 8.1, Oki C531DN
  4. The long asked for improvement in the printing functionality - highlights, underlines, italics etc - are really good, but I find that I can only print once. Any subsequent attempt to print fails to bring up the print dialog and nothing happens. If I quit right out of Evernote (including the system tray icon) and go back in again, then I can print again - and so on. Print to PDF seems to work OK - but it's a long-winded process printing to PDF, opening the PDF and then printing the PDF. Print preview also doesn't seem to work - in fact it just prints to PDF as well. Some more
  5. I note that these issues - at least those of satisfactorily printing the underlines and italics (I haven't tried the highlights) are now fixed (in the recent betas that I am using)
  6. This is a great improvement. I write theatrical reviews in Evernote for ultimate publishing on a website where the style policy for referencing show names is in Italics. When I printed a hard copy of Saturday's review in beta 6.8.1 yesterday I saw the familiar broken italics - but having just upgraded to the 6.8.3 beta I now get properly formatted italic characters. Long overdue - but very welcome. KD
  7. There is a huge space above and around the new tables as well. It appears to be a blank line, I can select it, I can type in it, but I can't remove it.
  8. Bug: Tables in Present mode Although the newly resized table columns display properly on Windows, Android and Web and even print at the specified widths, if I choose "Present" then they all come out at equal widths across the screen. KD
  9. Spell checking seems to be disabled within tables. This may be deliberate, but it would be useful to have it as an option. KD
  10. I like the new tables and we have been crying out for this for a long time ... however: I note that, whereas I clearly have the cell alignment set to "Top", when I print from the Windows app it prints as centre aligned. If I print the same document from the web app then it prints OK, but there must be some bug there that is not respecting the alignment. On a slightly related note - neither print method (app or web) prints the highlighting - and that is a loooooooong standing bug. KD
  11. Blimey! This issue is at least two years old - I am glad you finally noticed it. A resolution would be welcome.
  12. Highlight doesn't print - it distrorts the line spacing so that part of the next line disappears Underline creates strikethough Strikethrough creates an overline These are all print rendering issues - it doesn't matter which print driver I use or whether I print to PDF. As you say, this has been going on for a long time - I'm on 5.91 - Windows 7
  13. Since there is not a way to do what you want & there is no way to know if Evernote will add this or not (since they do not discuss their roadmap), Jeff is simply offering you an alternate way to do what you are wanting to do (write protect notes). Hence the term "workaround". Yes, I know that. I appreciate Jeff's suggestion, I was just adding my vote to Daniel's and Tom's above in the vague hope that it might get onto the roadmap. KD
  14. It's an ad-hoc thing. Fiddling about sharing with myself from an additional account sounds a right PITA. I just want to click a button "Make Read Only", "Protect from Changes" or whatever. KD
  15. Me too. There are lots of records that I have created that are for reference only, further editing not required. I would like to be able to flag them so that I can't accidentally delete them or mess them up.
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