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  1. Hi PinkElephant, Yes, what you said is correct. Sorry, my explanation needs to cleared up further. When I have a note open, like I'm creating a note and have created some text already. I then go to the Blue Circled Plus sign at the very left of the format bar at the bottom of the note window, I press that, then the insert window comes up and I select camera. It always comes up as AUTO, in green directly above the shutter circle. And Photo is off to the right. I would like PHOTO to always be selected there. Regards, Jay
  2. I work as a technician in a factory. Taking photos for creating notes is a way of life for me. Holding a part in one hand, while taking a photo of it with my phone in the other is a hassle when the camera is on AUTO. Is there a way to keep it on photo? Thanks, Jay
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