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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. The taking off of the notes in my case is not technical, just really wanting to move on and close a chapter.
  2. Hi Evernoters, Having the year end in mind and some new years resolutions, I decided to take few (or more than few) notes off my immediate accessible account. I tried to move them to another account, but to no great success, as they never got cleared from the original account. So, I come to you with question to hear, what do you do? When you change work, close a project or decide to move on in life, surely there is digital matter you'd like to leave in the past, but have it on your side in case you know you're in for a scratch in the old box type of journey. What is your method to get this done and clear it off? Thanks for your ideas...
  3. Hi there, Recently I have seen on this link, which I received on email from Evernote ( https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209006007-Tools-Templates) very nice implementation of some templates and widely offer them for use. Is there a way that templates like these can be deployed on the Company's Page on Evernote Business? Thanks... Dvir
  4. +1 With the templates functionality it seems very odd to open the computer just because I need few more rows Ina template.
  5. Is there any feedback on that request? It seems that we're losing grounds on this reason. Is it in Evernote's roadmap?
  6. Now that co-editing expand beyond Google Docs into other competitive products, may we request that it be considered to be implemented by Evernote Business as well? It will add great value and assist ongoing projects running on Evernote. Thanks, Dvir
  7. Just a thought about another great usage for Evernote is for forms. Sometimes we have forms we work with to organize procedures, for example upgrade production environment, backup and restore checkup, etc. Would be nice to create the form on the PC / Mac and have it ready on the iPad whenever needed. But in order to have this feature amazing, I am missing to options on the iPad. First one would be to add TextArea object, same as the checkbox, but this is for places in the form needed to be input in text. Since the form is uneditable on the iPad, would be great just to be able to enter few fields for date, status, etc. The second feature is duplicate a note. As the form will be saved as a template, each time we will use it we will create a copy and give it a name for the current procedure. This will be awesome if these features could become available. Please just think about it... Thanks, Dvir
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