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  1. The padding in table cells is currently set to 8 pixels, this results in a lot of while space around the text and wastes valuable screen real estate when viewing larger tables but looks pleasant for smaller tables. Please provide a simple option within the table popup menu to select a table padding size, such as 'none', 'narrow', 'moderate', 'wide'. Ideally, these would equate to 0px, 2px, 5px, 8px respectively.
  2. +1 for this request. I use my iPad Pro like my PC, there’s no reason why it should behave differently on this device. If I select a note I’d expect it to load or start streaming pages of the PDF to an inline view. Like other here, I use Notability to take meeting notes and then share them with my Evernote premium account. It’s frustrating that I can’t quickly read those notes without having to open a file each time.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I used Evernote many years ago but have only just picked it up again, so wasn't aware of this. I saw the promo video and noticed the iOS version had the insert table icon so naturally assumed it would work! You'd think they'd hide that button if it wasn't yet supported.
  4. If you have a permanent internet connection to your iPad and don't need it offline you could also use the web interface via Safari (https://www.evernote.com/client/web). The web interface provides the ability to simply tap multiple tags without having to type anything. You can also tap Safari's Share icon followed by "Add to Home Screen", then when opening from the home screen it looks like an app without all the web browser bits cluttering up the screen.
  5. I can insert tables in the new iPad iOS version but been unable to find a way of editing the table, e.g. inserting additional columns, resizing columns, and changing background colours etc. Currently, other than inserting a new 3 column table is seems to be missing all other table editing features, or am I missing something?
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