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  1. I've just come back to Evernote from Obsidian, and really miss this feature, there's even toolbar buttons in its mobile app to move lines up and down, very useful for quickly reordering lists. In VS Code and Notepad++ I use alt+up/down for moving the current row, and alt+shift+down for cloning the current row. Would be great to have these features here as well.
  2. Hi Folks, thanks for your replies. In answer to some of your questions: @s2sailor > I used one stack for work and another for home Separating notes into stacks isn't the issue, I'd also done that. The problem is that Evernote caches content from both of those stacks on my work PC when I login, even when using the browser version. This made keeping personal information in Evernote risky, as my business would have access to that data if they interrogated their PC. At one point I even tried creating a 2nd Evernote account and sharing my work notebook with that account, but then it prevented me from creating new tags from the 2nd account within the Shared Notebook. Even if that had worked, with the price increase there's absolutely no way I'd be able to justify paying for 2 accounts now. > I can't even simply select a notes contents and copy and paste it into Word Let's say I try and use a note as a email template, with a company logo at the top left and place holders for the recipients name etc. When I select the whole note and copy to the clipboard, and then go and paste it into Outlook or Gmail or Word etc, the image/logo will simply turn into an empty square box. > I am using the latest V10 version and I have yet to see a pop-up asking me to go to professional I mainly used the browser version, so not sure if that made a difference, but the persistent adverts occurred heavily during the month they had a sale on. There was a permanent advert at the bottom of the left bar, another at the top of the notes list, another in settings, another came via email, and then the full screen one occurred at least twice. Wish you all the best for their next sale period. @PinkElephant > A continuous use is hardly possible when you are past the limit. Agreed, but this limit feels like their alienating previous customer rather than encouraging them to subscribe in order to obtain enhanced valued features. I may have considered resubscribing if the price was still reasonable, but for almost half the renewal price I got the family version of Microsoft Office which includes OneNote and 6 TB of storage. @Dave-in-Decatur > I paste content from Evernote into other programs all the time As per my response above, this is mainly an issue when my notes contain images. Since moving to v10 I've always got a white square instead of the image when pasting into other Windows apps. > By inline links and tags, do you mean using Markdown? No, not exactly. v10 of Evernote already supports some Markdown input methods, so linking this to that would be useful, but not necessary. In OneNote I can right click any text in a note, e.g. a header half way down the page, and then select "Copy Link to Paragraph". I can then go to another note and paste that link in, then when I click that link in the future, it'll navigate back to that exact position in the other note. In Evernote I can only link to the top of the note, not a specific location within the note. In Obsidian markdown does make this substantially quicker. I can quickly link to any specific note or area of a note (like OneNote) within minimal effort, simply typing [[ and typing a few letters lets me pick a matching note, then after typing # I can simply select a header within the note. > feature parity is pretty subjective Yes, I do agree. I've been torn between Evernote, Obsidian and OneNote from before the price increase. Obsidian for commercial use with Sync is slightly more expensive than Evernote, while OneNote is substantially cheaper. It's not the overall cost that's a major issue, it's what I get for that cost. While Evernote has some features I value over the competition, such as good web browser access, it's also missing a good number of features, including those I mentioned previously.
  3. The problem I have is that their paid package is now too expensive to justify the features provided, and the free package is too limited. I was paying for premium/personal up until a few months ago, paying on and off since 2010, but recently I'd been looking at alternatives due to missing features and this has pretty much finalised that decision. I kept the free going, hoping to see new features drag me back, but I see little point now as I can't even create new notes. I wouldn't even mind paying if the personal version had feature parity with the competition but I can't even create inline links, I can't create inline tags, I can't separate my work notes from personal ones, I can't encrypt sensitive notebooks or even single notes, I can't even simply select a notes contents and copy and paste it into Word or Outlook!! To top it off, even though I was paying, I was regularly blasted with adverts telling me to upgrade to the professional version that has no added features I'd use. The full window advert popping up during a business meeting was the final trigger I needed to look elsewhere. It's a shame to say good bye, but improvements have been so minor to justify the huge price increase and the worlds moved on. I hope they read these forum posts and start listening to their users, especially paying users who deserve a premium product when paying a premium price.
  4. Thanks all for the feedback. @PinkElephant I've checked my email notifications and disabled a few but I don't think any will affect this issue unfortunately. I've also raised a case with Evernote's support, it'll be interesting to see if they come back with anything helpful. If anything, at least they'll be aware of my dissatisfaction. @Boot17 I just checked the web interface via my personal PC, where I normally use the Windows app, and unfortunately the advert's also there. I thought it may be a cache issue but it looks the same in incognito as well. Maybe they think I'm a prime candidate for the professional version!
  5. And yet another one, now above my notes list. It's like a virus that won't go away!
  6. @gazumped Thanks for the feedback, I'll give that a try. @Boot17 I use Evernote on my Work PC through the browser, we're not allowed to install 3rd party software, plus I wouldn't want all my personal notes syncing with their PC. This is what I permanently see on the bottom left when logged in.
  7. I pay for Evernote Personal and keep seeing adverts for Evernote Professional while I'm trying to work! There's an advert permanently on the bottom left, another stuck on the top left menu, another just popped up in the middle of the screen! Another in my Inbox. How do I stop this increscent spam (don't say upgrade)? There is literally nothing in the professional package that would benefit me over the personal package. If it had valuable features such as end to end encryption, full notebook encryption, a proper notebook tree structure, full offline backup syncing, code syntax highlighting, etc I would definitely consider it. But it doesn't and most of the features it does offer, I already have much better alternatives elsewhere, such as Todoist for my task management.
  8. Since moving to Evernote 10 a year or so back, I've been unable to select a notes content including images, and then successfully copy and paste it into another Windows application, such as MS Word or Gmail etc. Everytime I paste the clipboard it's missing the images, instead I just get a square box. The same occurs in both the Windows app and the web interface via Chrome. This is very frustrating and keeps me looking at Evernote alternatives, I've persisted with Evernote in the hope that this will get fixed but a year or 2 later it's still broken! I use Evernote to store support guides that I often need to mail to other colleagues, but most of these would benefit from screen shots. Because of this copy and paste issue I'm already having to store the ones with pictures elsewhere. This must be a known issue, is anyone aware of a solution or fix coming in the future? Thanks
  9. If I select a tag from the navigation tree and then create a new note, the new note will be allocated that respective tag which is great. However, the filters containing the previously selected tag then get cleared and I'm back to seeing all notes. I then have to click my tag again to get back to the project I was working on. Please add a feature to prevent the search filters from clearing when new notes are created.
  10. Auto formatting [] inserts a new checklist item. Can auto formatting () please be added to insert a new task item? Thanks
  11. The visual representation of inline code looks awful. The text appears too large and out of place compared with both the 'Normal Text' and 'Code Block' formatting. This subsequently causes the surrounding borders to overlap when using inline code on 2 or more consecutive lines. Please change the inline code CSS formatting to match the code block formatted styles, including font-size, font-family, and background-color. The attached screenshot illustrates how much more presentable this would look. Thanks.
  12. @PinkElephant I can't see a way to add reminders in v10. I can see the reminder date column under the side list view but I'm unable to find an option that will allow me to add one to the note. Is this possible? You mentioned being able to switch to reminders view with one click, I can't see this anywhere? Thanks
  13. Evernote copy and paste functionality is horrendous. Even the Windows version doesn't allow you to copy images to the clipboard, copying any part of a notes that contain an image, or even just the image itself, results in a blank box when pasted in elsewhere, it's incredible frustrating. I've started using Microsoft OneNote for storing my templates as they copy and paste fine from that app to Gmail/Outlook etc. At least on the iOS version you can copy and image, just tap it, tap the 3 dots (lower right), then Share, then Copy. I can then paste it in elsewhere. What I can't do is select a bunch of text and images together and then copy, that just results in the same white box as the Windows client!
  14. Many thanks for all the feedback and some good idea's. I normally sort by created date, sometimes by title and occasionally by modified, so for now I've incremented my 'Project Overview' note's creation date by 10 years and added a back tick to the beginning of the note title, that way I can still establish when it was originally created but it now appears at the top of my list in 2/3 sort orders. A built in feature to do this would be great, but for now these are great suggestions. Thanks.
  15. I have generally have 1 Notebook for each major project I'm working on. This helps me stay organised and limits what's visible to 3rd parties when I'm screen sharing during project meetings. For each project/notebook I may have a number of notes, but 1 specific note would cover the "Project Overview" including progress updates. It would be very useful to be able to pin that Project Overview note so that it remains at the top of the notes list within the Notebook and save me having to manually find it each time I need to review project actions etc. Thanks.
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