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  1. I would also love to be able to embed Tweets. Seeing how well this is done in Notion is both encouraging and frustrating.
  2. +1 for pinned notes within notebooks I agree with Eduardo, it would be a simple yet very useful addition
  3. Is there a way to Copy App Link within Android? On Windows for Copy Internal Link there are: copy app link copy web link For Android there appears to be only 'Copy internal link' which is the the same as copy web link
  4. +1 for this feature Would be great to be able to archive notebooks without requiring workarounds. Such as a toggle of Hide/Show Archived Notebooks which would show under an 'Archive' Stack Archived notes could by default not show in search results unless 'Show' archived notebooks selected
  5. I agree, I have tried several times to add an internal link to a task. It is an obvious feature that would add versatility to ones workflow.
  6. Within Tasks 'View Options' there should be the ability to turn off 'Show Notes' to hide the note names in the 'By due date' tab Reasons: When all tasks are listed in one default note then this leads to the same note name being repeated across all tasks, which astatically isn't ideal and also takes up space. Also, if each task is given it's own note, then the task name and note will be the same, meaning the name of the note and task is just a duplication of one another,
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