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  1. Same problem here with latest version of Evernote on High Sierra. Text looks ok when sidebar is hidden or if I open the note in a separate window.
  2. Evernote for Android in my experience does seem like a bit of an afterthought. It has a lot of bugs (all reported to EN support) and using the latest version. Plus it just doesn't have the fluid user experience compared with the iOS app.
  3. I have other pdf editors installed, but Evernote doesn't give me the option of what pdf editor I want to use.
  4. I do not get the option you get, when I tap on a pdf evernote immediately opens the pdf in Word, even though I have cleared defaults for Word in my phones settings. I have the same apps installed as you (except Hancom) The more I use evernote for Android the more I realise how many bugs it has, I'm really not liking it. Samsung Note 9 / Android 8.1.0 / Evernote 8.8.1
  5. Yes me too it's very annoying that pdf's open in Word & to open in my app of choice I have to hold down on the pdf and select view. In settings Word is not set as default. (see screenshot)
  6. My notes with attachments (PDFs, word documents etc.) would always show the attachment as an icon or small preview in the note, after l updated Evernote those previews are gone, replaced with just a blank space and the attachments file name. I can still open the attachment by touching the blank space. Anyone else noticed this? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it makes no difference. I'm using the iPad and iPhone versions of Evernote. iPhone 6, iOS v10.2.1 iPad Air, iOS v9.3.5 Evernote v8.3.356604 Thanks.
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