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  1. Would like to clarify: After you have downloaded all notebooks for offline use then make a change, notebooks get stuck downloading, a workaround is to toggle the slider next to the notebook to off....... wait.......then toggle to on and the download completes in the background. Is that right?
  2. Yes that works for me as well, thanks. Bit painful to do on notebooks with more than a few notes as it takes a really long time to finish.
  3. Same here when I add or change a note, the green status bar never changes to fully downloaded status. A notebook of mine that's stuck like this only has 2 notes in it & each note has one line of text, so it doesn't seem to have anything to do with file size, as I would expect. Strange as release notes for 10.1 say it's been fixed:
  4. OK thanks, I often feel the reason why I stay with evernote is as a user since 2010 I have so much invested in it that to use anything else is a daunting task.
  5. In the previous version there was an option in settings to "Sync on Wi-Fi only", I can't see this option anymore with the new version. If it has been removed, It would be nice to have it back. Thanks.
  6. I have a few notes with videos attached in .mp4 and .mov format. The videos play but there is no sound on iOS and ipadOS. Videos play ok with sound in the mac app. Does anyone else experience this? iOS: 13.5.1 Evernote: 8.24.5
  7. I submitted a support ticket about this over 6 months ago and received a reply: But still no fix
  8. Can you use an authentiator app rather than getting a code sent via txt?
  9. Hi, When I visit: evernote.com/templates and click on a template all I see is the 'Use Template' button I am not seeing the 'Save to Evernote' button. I am logged in to my account. According to the instructions from Evernote there should be a 'Save to Evernote' button (see below) Visit evernote.com/templates in your web browser Choose a template you’d like to save Click View template to preview the full template Click Save to Evernote in the upper right corner of the page (screenshot of what I see when I click on a template)
  10. Evernote for Android in my experience does seem like a bit of an afterthought. It has a lot of bugs (all reported to EN support) and using the latest version. Plus it just doesn't have the fluid user experience compared with the iOS app.
  11. I have other pdf editors installed, but Evernote doesn't give me the option of what pdf editor I want to use.
  12. I do not get the option you get, when I tap on a pdf evernote immediately opens the pdf in Word, even though I have cleared defaults for Word in my phones settings. I have the same apps installed as you (except Hancom) The more I use evernote for Android the more I realise how many bugs it has, I'm really not liking it. Samsung Note 9 / Android 8.1.0 / Evernote 8.8.1
  13. Yes me too it's very annoying that pdf's open in Word & to open in my app of choice I have to hold down on the pdf and select view. In settings Word is not set as default. (see screenshot)
  14. My notes with attachments (PDFs, word documents etc.) would always show the attachment as an icon or small preview in the note, after l updated Evernote those previews are gone, replaced with just a blank space and the attachments file name. I can still open the attachment by touching the blank space. Anyone else noticed this? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it makes no difference. I'm using the iPad and iPhone versions of Evernote. iPhone 6, iOS v10.2.1 iPad Air, iOS v9.3.5 Evernote v8.3.356604 Thanks.
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