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  1. Thanks for your reply! Word isn't set as standard for anything, still opens PDFs in Word. Can you post a screenshot of the settings you mentioned? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have both Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word installed on my Android device. Although Acrobat is set as default PDF viewer in the system settings, Evernote always opens PDF files with Word. In order to open them with Acrobat, I have to use the context menu of the file and press "View". Can I somehow change this behaviour? Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi, one of the last updates introduced this awful automatic numbering feature, which turns 1., 2., etc. into lists automatically. Can I turn this off somehow? I often need headings which are not automatically formatted into such lists. Thanks for your help!
  4. Little update: They told me to install the Beta, but the problem still persists.
  5. Ok, I will open a new ticket and see if they can explain that to me.
  6. This article still doesn't describe the link sharing behaviour as I experienced it. I created a link on Android via Share -> Post a link (using German Evernote, hope the translatiom is correct) and now everyone who got the link has read access. Evernote on PC still says that I haven't created a link. Take a look at the screenshots to see what features I mean (on the second screenshot, I use the third option).
  7. But both of the described methods create a link which is available to everyone without registration, just in a different format. Access to links in the "shard"-format cannot be revoked that easily.
  8. Hi, I'm wondering why the link sharing feature on Android and Windows doesn't use the same link formatting. On Android it's something with evernote.com/shard/... while on Windows it's evernote.com/l/.... Also, you don't see on Windows that a public link has been created on Android, but if you activate and deactivate the link on Windows, the Android link is disabled too. Sounds like a very questionable design desicion, does anyone know why Evernote behaves this way?
  9. Ok, now this time it seems like they understood the problem. Support agent told me that the issue will be forwarded to the tech department.
  10. Yes, of course, reinstalling is always the first thing to do and never helps. I will file a new ticket, let's see what they say.
  11. Yes, I am. And still, I insert the PDF document and all the pages are shown inside the note, then I switch to another note and back and voila, now it's correctly shown as an attachment. This is just very inconvenient.
  12. Hi, yes, it is indeed. I haven't really used Evernote for a longer time now and now that I do i still experience the problem. Support just gave me useless hints.
  13. Hi gazumped, and thanks for your response. I import them from Windows Explorer with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, windows standard. Opened a ticket, let's see what the staff has to say.
  14. Hi, I have "Always show PDF documents as attachments" activated, but whenever I insert one, it is shown as document. I have to close and reopen the note, then it's shown correctly (as attachment). Will this be fixed?
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