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  1. I am a premium user. I only send a few emails maximum per day. These are small email messages, not even 1 mb. And yes, still having this problem. Kind regards, Hans
  2. I have the same problem. Certain emails that I wish to forward, never arrive. But others can be sent without problems.
  3. @DTLow Thx for the suggestion.
  4. Same here, I'm not able to run this version!
  5. When could this be solved? You guys (Nick L.) told me that you could reproduce this problem. Hans
  6. Yes, here they are. Some are much worse ... First one is MacOs version, second one web version.
  7. Yes, here they are. Some are much worse ...
  8. Some forwarded emails are not displayed properly in the MacOs app and the iOs app. The web version of Evernote does not have this problem. This problem started some time ago with an update, but I can't remember which one any more. Can you help?
  9. I have the same problem since I've installed MacOs Sierra, Evernote version 6.9.
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