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  1. I successfully made the transition over the weekend to iOs Notes. It took a few hours for all devices to sync, but now I’m good to go and not looking back.
  2. @Jaya Shekarraju I do not believe that is my issue. I moved the document from a cloud drive to Evernote. It is analogous to other files that I can annotate. So I’m still puzzled why some are accessible to annotate and others give the error message. Thanks for looking into this.
  3. Not every pdf exhibits this response. I'm not sure what is different between the ones that work and those that give the posted error. Sorry, I am unable to share the content of the pdf that gives this error.
  4. When I try to annotate PDFs on my iPad using the newly prescribed procedure, I get the following error. I would never have renewed my premium subscription in late September had I known this was just around the corner. This has ruined a major feature of premium for me.
  5. I agree with Stoppa. After trying to annotate a pdf using iPad, I was able to access the feature but in my opinion it has been rendered practically useless. I switched back to the iMac to complete the annotations. No longer possible or obvious how to do it on the iPad.
  6. Yes. IPhone 8 running 8.24.6 still able to annotate. But iPad running 10.0.3 unable to annotate except as you describe outside EN.
  7. With the recent upgrade, I can no longer annotate a pdf. This was a major feature that caused me to become a premium member and it has worked fine for years. What has happened? Is there something I am missing here? I am still able to annotate pdfs on my iMac and oddly on my iPhone but not on my iPad???
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