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  1. Respectfully to the long-time users, the personal settings do nothing for this issue. The OP is not complaining about emails; they are receiving in-app pop-ups offering 25% off of Professional for one year. I have gotten this pop-up at least three times: twice on desktop and once on mobile. In my case, EVERY time it has come up when I open the app and start searching for something. I find it enormously disrespectful to users who are already paying $70/year for Personal (which I tend to think is a tad overpriced for what Evernote is delivering) and are in the middle of working. I don't want 25% off a more expensive plan; I want the plan I chose to cost less and I want to be left to my work. I have no idea why this curse is on me, either. I also got the lousy "weekly summary" and other push notifications that I did not ask for and that Evernote does not provide fine-grained controls for. I ended up turning off ALL notifications, rendering any reminders useless. @spacorn I fairly regularly tell Evernote what I think about things like this by using Help > Share feedback in the desktop app or Settings > Support > Submit a support request in the mobile app. Though you won't get a personal response to feedback, I have seen things I gave feedback on improve; for example, the yellow "Upgrade to Professional" badge that used to always be prominently displayed at top left under your name has disappeared and is under a menu now. That said, I think it's also appropriate to bring these things up in the forums. It's good for users to talk with each other about both the features they love and about where the product/service needs work. Plus, Evernote employees lurk.
  2. The problem with the advice to pay to stop these messages is that paying users also get nagging pop-ups to upgrade. As a Personal subscriber, I was in the middle of a search and Evernote on Windows displayed a pop-up offering 25% off Professional. (I also find the week summary pop-ups, 'quick survey' pop-ups, and push notifications for these things irritating.)
  3. @eric99 very clever, thank you for sharing your process and your solution. I shared it with someone on the Evernote subreddit that seemed to be having similar problems. I understand the perceived benefit of the shared codebase, but it sure does seem to cause a lot of headaches as well. Hopefully the developers will get a handle on it soon.
  4. Thanks for fighting the good fight with me! haha And yeah, I could live with the scroll wheels if they included the day, BUT I think the calendar is a much better UI.
  5. I really like your implementation - the "repeat xx" is a reminder for you when resetting the due date and you can keep that task in a note that lets you keep history and context. That is some great flexibility and actually makes your repeats more powerful than they are in many dedicated apps. Thanks for including screenshots.
  6. I love Evernote Tasks; for what I do, I don't miss recurring tasks. If I get an agenda or schedule with tasks I need to complete, I create a note with the document attached and a task for each item along with the due date. I use "Flagged" as a "Today" sort of thing; an item only gets flagged during review on the day I intend to do it. A full-fledged task manager is typically overkill for me; but if I needed one and was all in on Apple I would use Things 3. There is ONE THING that absolutely drives me bonkers, though: the date picker on mobile. It should be a calendar like on desktop NOT the scroll wheels. That would let me see the day of the week which often matters more than the date, for me. Because they already have this built into the desktop app and it's a standard UI element on iOS, I'm hoping this will be adjusted. I've already submitted feedback on it. @idoc Unfortunately on iPhone you can't change the sound that Evernote uses. The next best thing would be to change the banner style to "persistent" so it stays on screen until you acknowledge it. (iPhone Settings > Notifications > Evernote)
  7. That’s pretty funny. Guess you can only get serious work done on an Apple. 😜 (sorry to the Android users)
  8. Just want to give a shout-out for 10.32, which has been noticeably faster at launching and opening notes on my iPhone XS.
  9. Yes, generic upgrade prompts are annoying especially to people who are already paying. I do like the simple indicators for specific upgrade features, though. For example on Personal: adding a second scratchpad or assigning tasks to someone have clear indicators. If I start seeing one of them a lot I can consider upgrading. Otherwise, I don’t like being reminded that I’m not on the most expensive plan.
  10. You’re certainly not alone in your opinion, @McClausky, that v10 is a “disaster”. What I don’t understand is this: why wait until you’re forced to depart? Why not make a graceful exit now if you will “never” use v10? (I realize you specified a minor version but choose to ignore that because this general argument has been made many times and more recently than 10.20.) That seems like you’re playing chicken with a train. You’ll lose. Evernote has invested significant resources into building what is really an entirely new app, and it is still likely less than they would have spent building 4+ native apps. They’re full steam ahead on v10. I used old Evernote back in the day, left it for a while, and came back to v10. There are things I dislike or that can be improved, but overall, it’s quite solid for me. Certainly clicks with me better than all the new-fangled stuff like Notion and Obsidian. Interestingly, Obsidian is a hugely popular app built, like Evernote, with Electron. VS Code is well-regarded and built with Electron. Electron super sucks in comparison to native apps in terms of performance but the benefit is much leaner cross-platform development. What I want to see from Evernote the company is an intense focus on improving performance (there has been notable progress) and implementing more platform-specific features. Sorry this conversation devolved; complaints are exhausting and we would rather this be a place of helpful exchanges than gripes. I say that as a much more recent member of the forum than @PinkElephant, @gazumped, or @DTLow. I ultimately agree with you that performance and features need to improve but v10 is my daily driver and serviceable. I bet Evernote staff lurk in these discussions and that they’d benefit more from constructive criticisms than “how stupid and tone deaf are these people”, which is how your post comes off. Your top 3 priorities for them would be…? 1. Improve performance and resource utilization. 2. Reduce clicks for most common tasks. 3. Support more platform-specific features (in your post, I consider “changing the DB drive” to be platform-specific and actually quite niche—multiple internal drives are not the norm).
  11. In case you’re not aware, Evernote has a refund policy. Most likely an option if you did not use an App Store. > For any monthly Individual Paid Service subscription fee, Evernote will process a refund if the request is received within two days of the date of the payment. > For any annual Individual Paid Service subscription fee, Evernote will process a refund if the request is received within sixty days of the date of the payment. Your best option, whether you want a refund or to try to get your old plan back, is to contact Evernote Support. Also, OneNote bites.
  12. I respectfully disagree @PinkElephant. It's normal to see something you like and then want to see it incorporated into what you already use. In a text-heavy app like Evernote, wanting more control over text options is not an unreasonable request. "Well then use their feedback form"; yes, that's a good option in addition to expressing what you would like to see on the forum. If Evernote can send me a market research survey with somewhat ridiculous questions and that took at least double their estimated time, then people should certainly be welcome to express themselves about the product on an official forum.
  13. @Jack Lynch I'm clearly very late to this party. When I think of the way that tasks should work, I think of Things 3. It can get complicated but it's not necessarily complicated. It's really quite clever. (Just to give you an idea of an app that I think works really well.) Of the two options you present, I think project-notes are the most natural evolution of Evernote and the new Tasks feature. Your two most basic "objects" become Notes and Tasknotes ('remembering everything and doing anything'). Tasknotes are still contextually rich because they can contain bits of context or links to other notes in your project notebook - which, I assume, are a common way of managing projects in Evernote. One of the things I like about Evernote is the limited number of layers: stacks, notebooks, notes, content. I think project-notes are most in line with that (stack, notebook, task, sub-task or really any kind of content) rather than the alternative adding another content layer. I also think it best fits the way a note naturally grows. I might add some text, an attachment, and then a couple tasks until it really becomes its own beast. Allowing me to convert the existing note to a tasknote would be, to me, the most natural way for it to grow.
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