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  1. Not sure why comments are closed on the pinned post, but I felt so compelled to come here that I didn't want to leave without giving my feedback. I've been an Evernote user for 8 years and a serious user for the past 4 (I update or create about 10 different personal notes every day). This is the first time in 8 years that I've been able to wholehearted recommend Evernote to a friend. For someone who uses it as much as I do, why only until now? I've always written it off as a necessary evil... it has all of my notes, it did what I needed it to (when it worked properly), and there wasn't another app that did it considerably better (trust me, I looked). But this year has brought a wave of changes to Evernote with the release of 10.0. I felt it immediately when that update came out. Senseless bugs that had plagued Evernote for years were finally addressed. Better yet, subsequent updates actually addressed bugs I reported. And a dark mode was even added! As soon as I opened my new Evernote 10.9 this morning, I knew today we finally reached the promised land: An Evernote that just works. Every remaining issue that existed from the 10.0 release has noticably been addressed. Notably, spell check and the custom dictionary works again, and I can actually see all of my notebooks in the sidebar again. I just want to say thank you! I've read a bit about the company's history, and I know it's been a journey. From someone who uses Evernote day in and day out, I just want to make sure the work that's been put in, and that changes that have been made, are appreciated. And when I say this is the promised land, I mean it. Evernote does not need a bunch of fancy features. It just needs to work and listen to it's users. I truly hope from this point the company can grow and that the people who made these changes possible can benefit from their work. Just please, don't change Evernote 10.9 — 3/10/2021 🐘
  2. Anytime you line break at the beginning of a bullet point that already contains text, it creates a line break without a bullet (see first attachment). This is a huge hassle because backspacing to fix it deletes the whole line, which resets numbered lists (see second attachment).
  3. Jeez... I thought it was just my phone. This might be my nail in the coffin for Evernote... this happens to me CONSTANTLY and it’s an awful sign if it happens to others. Has Evernote become abandonware?
  4. In the Windows desktop, iOS, and web app versions of Evernote, I cannot select or resize images in my notes. In all 3 of those cases, images do not have the functionality referenced in this help article. Normally I copy images into my notes, but I also cannot manipulate images that I have upload from my computer or phone either. It's a real pain having images take up the whole screen when they're really intended to be only a small addition between lines of text. Seems like a glaring issue. Is anyone else having problems selecting / resizing images?
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