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  1. I want per-notebook sorting AND per-notebook view options, please.
  2. subfolders, please! I like a visual hierarchy and i don't use tags much.
  3. Bug, sug, or whatever, it comes down to user expectation; if I see a list of Notebooks in the sidebar I expect to be able to rename them or drag them around, rather than have to poke a title to get to a new window that displays the exact same list. The sidebar listings should at least include all the right-click options that the Notebooks view does.
  4. +1 for this and for moving notebooks between stacks. Having to click on the "Notebooks" title in the sidebar to rearrange them is unintuitive.
  5. Just ran into the problem myself. I'm thankful for this thread, but the workflow is really clunky and unintuitive. I'll file a bug.
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