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  1. Some of my notes show up in spotlight search, but not all. Mostly noticed on iOS, but now also on Mac. Dont know when this happened.
  2. Hi, please consider renaming a notebook by right clicking in the sidebar.
  3. Thank you! That helped me as well on the mac. (I have used + as a workaround for a while) The indentation just does not work on iOS, because it will consume a substantial percentage of screen space. Star was the bullet trigger and "-" should not trigger a bullet. If it should trigger something, it would be an indented "-", but the indentation should be the smallest possible on iPhone.
  4. Hi, I have reinstalled a few times this year (2017), and the spotlight search is still not working. Is this an iOS problem, or an Evernote problem? It seems to work a little bit better after each reinstall, but after a while there are many notes not showing up.
  5. When I change cell colour in tables, sometimes the text keep the old formatting. Happened twice, so far. The cell below had a red background, but suddenly the text got red instead.... Very nice feature though.... red highlighting is welcome, but maybe not intended. Selecting a new background colour does not change the text highlighting colour. (Sidenote: I do like the new Evernote tables...they are slick :-)
  6. Get en error that Evernote canceled shutdown on iMac. Need to force quit Evernote. Rebooted. Same thing.
  7. is this just me? cmd-ctrl-c for clip rectangle does not work. Has been like this for several versions. Workaround: Click the elephant icon, click anywhere to close the window, try again. Now it works temporarily.
  8. Encrypted text: Stand in the frame on a blank line. Press backspace - everything is gone. Undo get things back. (Mac)
  9. Column size will change and be very narrow on mac when content is viewed/edited on iPhone. Need to adjust manually on mac.
  10. Hi, the simplify formatting feature does not work as expected any more. Before I could press cmd-shift-f to fix both font and layout. Now font size stays the same ... and will not change to the default font size. I believe this happened in this version.
  11. Hi, first time the content was missing. (Then the note history would have been enough to recover, I suppose.) This time the whole note was completely gone. I have just now restored from a backup, and I'm fine... Good thing I discovered this. The risk is when loosing notes without noticing. But if there will be very few "Me too" responses on this one - It may be best to move on without much further concern, I guess. Thanks.
  12. Thank you. Note originated on a Mac. I'll try twitter. I probably can find this note through a computer backup also. However, I'm a bit concerned about notes suddenly disappearing twice. First time it was in regard to Evernote's scheduled maintenance. I got a sync error when opening a note on my iPhone as expected, but suddenly the note was editable...and blank... the Mac also showed a blank note afterwards. Difficult to say if its iPhone related or sync service related. Mac is my main source.
  13. Hello, I have twice experienced that a note is suddenly gone. Seem to be related to sync issues. iPhone spotlight can find the note in the index, but it is not able to load it in the app. No trace of it in trash, on the mac or online. Is support unable to help without premium subscription?
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