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  1. Wow, I've been using Evernote since 2010, and I may be wrong, but I don't recall ever having to uninstall and reinstall the clipper. Nevertheless, that worked for me: exiting Safari, moving Evernote Web Clipper.app to the Trash, rebooting, and reinstalling the extension. I didn't need to touch security or privacy settings and didn't even need to re-authenticate with Evernote. Thank you, @PinkElephant!
  2. I just installed the Safari 13.1 update today (on MacOS Mojave 10.14.6), and the Evernote web clipper icon has disappeared from my toolbar. I cannot figure out how to initiate the web clipper. Safari Extensions says it's installed. It doesn't show up in Customize Toolbar. This is frustrating.
  3. I thought I'd commented on this before, but perhaps it was on another thread. I'd been having this issue as well intermittently but repeatedly for a very long time, but it stopped quite a while ago, and I don't know what happened to make it stop. That suggests it may be environment-dependent and difficult to reproduce. I feel for those still experiencing it, because it was really annoying when it was happening, just wanted y'all to know it may not be a widespread experience.
  4. That won't help. I use 2-factor authentication, and it's been asking me to log in (with my password though not demanding 2FA) each time.
  5. Using Version 6.3 (452832 Direct), I just lost some information from a note with a simple cut/paste operation between two Evernote notes. I had two Notes, one prepared beforehand and a new one that I had created and was editing. Viewing the older note, I highlighted some text interspersed with two images, which happened to be the first part of the Note (but not the entire Note) and used CTRL-X to cut the highlighted region. Then I viewed the newer note and pasted with CTRL-V. What I got was the text with "broken image" icons as shown in the first attachment: (The first icon happened to be selected when I captured that image.) Then, I tried to reproduce the problem by recreating the text-and-image portion and variously creating new Notes, cutting and pasting, and copying and pasting. I could not recreate the problem (immediately), however, when I was finished being unable to recreate the problem, I noticed that one of the notes I had created ended up looking like this second attachment: (It was necessary to obscure the actual content of the image: it was a screen captured JPEG of text.) As you can see, one of the images "survived", but the other magically transformed into a "broken image" icon. I realize that this seems like inconsistent behavior, so it may be difficult for you to track down, but it has me really scared at this point. While there's a risk of losing (and being unable to retrieve) note content through ordinary cut-and-paste operations, I won't be relying on "cut" with Evernote for a while until you folks can track this down. This is not good.
  6. It is not just Safari – when you enable Evernote in the "Share" button, you should find that Evernote is available in (possibly) EVERY OTHER APP! For example, you can be looking at a picture in your photo album, touch Share, and send it directly to Evernote from there!!! This is really awesome! Thanks Evernote! (And Apple!!)
  7. Are you sure it wasn't "Open in Evernote"? If you happen to be viewing a PDF file in Safari, for example, you can do that.
  8. Here's a little follow-up from my earlier post. Things were good for a while once I discovered that I could get the clipper working again despite using two-factor authentication on iPhone and iPad by navigating to "www.evernote.com" and trying to log in there. It would ask for my second authentication factor (via Google Authenticator), I'd enter that sequence, and once my mobile browser had loaded its new cookies from evernote,com, the clipper would resume functioning properly using the Javascript "bookmarklet". Since then, in their INFINITE WISDOM, Evernote has taken it upon themselves to modify their web site to detect that you're trying to connect from an iPad or iPhone and HELPFULLY inform you that they don't support using Evernote from these devices. So, it won't let you log in. So, you can't go through the second authentication factor. So, you can't get your new cookies. So, you can't get the Evernote clipper bookmarket to resume functioning. WE DON'T NEED YOU TO PROVIDE US WITH ANYTHING NEW HERE, EVERNOTE, WE JUST NEED YOU TO STOP BEING SO MYOPIC AND STAY OUT OF THE WAY.
  9. I believe that I have found the cause and a work-around. Check out my post in the Safari thread. Basically, just change the default shortcut for the Evernote web clipper – which happens to be `. (Or CMD-`. Or something like that. See the pics in my other post for details.)
  10. I may have found the cause and a work-around. It just happened again to me when navigating via CMD-` to a Safari window where I had previously used the web clipper plug-in. When navigating to that window, the Evernote clipper dialog slides out from the right, and – here's the key point – that dialog, which claims the keyboard focus, then begins consuming subsequent CMD-` sequences. This led me to dig further, and I may have found the cause and a solution. The default "Start Web Clipper" keyboard shortcut for the Evernote Safari plug-in is – guess what – CMD-`! Evidently, when you navigate to a window/tab where you had previously used the clipper, it "sees" the CMD-` that you used to activate that window and proceeds to "start the web clipper". Until Evernote figures out a reasonable way to resolve this, here's how you might change your settings. (It's NOT obvious!) First, start the web clipper in Safari (or Chrome, I guess, if you're using that.) Click your name at the bottom of the clipper dialog: Then, either redefine the Start Web Clipper shortcut or disable shortcuts: I have unchecked this box and will keep an eye out for the behavior to recur. I don't anticipate that it will.
  11. I am cross-posting this topic under the "Safari" category because I am experiencing similar behavior with Safari on the Mac. The behavior is annoying and frequent enough to warrant the additional attention. The other thread is in the "Chrome" category: Web clipper keeps popping up when I CMD+` between browser windows I do not use Chrome, but see my post in that thread for more info. I believe that the Evernote clipper self-activates only when navigating with CMD-` to a Safari window on which the clipper had been previously used. When that window becomes frontmost, you can see the clipper dialog slide out from the right edge:
  12. Evidently, it's not only on Chrome (which I do not use). This happens for me with the Evernote clipper plug-in in Safari on the Mac. I am having difficulty reproducing the behavior at the moment, but the next time it happens, It happens frequently enough to be annoying. I'll try to pay attention to the circumstances and report back here. It may have something to do with the number of windows or tabs that are opened; or how many opened pages have had the bookmarklet used on them. I'm reasonably certain that it only happens when using CMD-` to navigate to a window in which the Evernote clipper was used on the tab currently displayed in that window.
  13. There used to be a functional Evernote clipper that you could "install" as a bookmarklet and make it easy to activate by placing it on your Safari Favorites Bar which also made it easy to find on Safari on iPad. I used it all the time. It stopped working for me when I enabled two-factor authentication in Evernote. Now, when viewing a web page that I wish to clip to Evernote, I save it to my Safari Reading List and then later visit the page on the Mac and clip it from there. That's the best work-around I can find. The bookmarklet does still work properly from Safari on the Mac. (The bookmarklet's URL is shown below, as contrasted with the button that the official plug-in installs in the Toolbar.) On Safari on the iPad, the bookmarklet does show the clipper dialog, however, the "Notebook" pull-down is empty. Touching Save appears to function, but the clipping never shows up in Evernote. The inability to populate the "Notebook" selector leads me to believe that two-factor authentication is the culprit here. javascript:(function()%7BEN_CLIP_HOST='http://www.evernote.com';try%7Bvar%20x=document.createElement('SCRIPT');x.type='text/javascript';x.src=EN_CLIP_HOST+'/public/bookmarkClipper.js?'+(new%20Date().getTime()/100000);document.getElementsByTagName('head')%5B0%5D.appendChild(x);%7Dcatch(e)%7Blocation.href=EN_CLIP_HOST+'/clip.action?url='+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'&title='+encodeURIComponent(document.title);%7D%7D)();
  14. Annnd... here is a YET MORE COMPLETE description in a different KB article. This one does mention where to set "smart email filing": Advanced Evernote Tips for Business Users All of these KB articles indicate they've been updated this year. Why do I need to go through such hoops to find all of the relevant information? Either Evernote needs to be more careful keeping ALL of their KB articles updated, or they should just buckle down and produce and maintain a definitive user's guide as a PDF file.
  15. I found another Knowledge Base article that mentions flagging the subject with a reminder date: Emailing Into Evernote Gets Better With Reminders and Smart Filing There, it does describe the additional date formats not mentioned in the primary KB article. It also mentions "Smart Filing" for emailed-in notes: Smart Filing You can also let Evernote automatically organize your emailed in notes using our Smart Filing feature. Once you enable Smart Filing in your Evernote Web Settings, we’ll check to see where you’ve placed similar content and how you’ve tagged it in the past. It’s built using the same intelligent algorithms that power the Smart Filing feature in our Web Clippers. If you have Smart Filing enabled, but want to put your notes into a specific location, simply follow the steps above. Using the notebook or tag names will override Smart Filing for that note. It took me a few minutes to find where to set this preference (why couldn't they mention it in the KB article?!), but it seems to be in Account Settings on the Evernote web interface: [Aside: boy did they make it difficult to insert a Skitch-shared image into this post!]
  16. Reviving this topic. First, I'm grateful to have found it so easily when searching for a way to flag a mailed-in note so it's assigned a reminder when it's added. The only formats that currently seem supported for this (based on the Knowledge Base article referenced earlier) are: !yyyy/mm/dd !tomorrow These formats are not shown in the KB article: !1week !sunday !monday ... !saturday Perhaps the KB article needs to be updated, or this needs to be clarified? I can try experimenting, but clear and complete documentation would be nice. Also: why can't a general-format date be used? There are parsers out there. At least, date-time specifications that are available through open-source code should be supported like +1d, +1w, wednesday+1w, as well as specifications that include time-of-day. (If manually-set reminders within Evernote can be set with time-of-day, then the "subject tagging" format should also support that.) Nevertheless, thanks for this thread! Being able to specify just a date is a lot better than nothing!
  17. Hey aussiebob, I had difficulties trying the bookmark address that you posted, but that's not surprising as it went through several layers of URL encoding and decoding on this forum site. Nevertheless, your post did encourage me to re-enable two-way verification in my Evernote account settings. Wonder upon wonders, my old clipper bookmarklet began working once again as it always had before! My guess my timing was bad the first time I enabled two-way verification. Perhaps I hit a "bad spot" at the Evernote server end when I did this before, and that left me unbookmarklet-able. Whatever – I can clip once again from Safari on the iPad, so I'm really happy! Obviously, I very much appreciate your post! Thank you! -^-rdj-^-
  18. Ugh. I just discovered why the Evernote clipper bookmarklet stopped working on my iPad: it's because of two-step verification. Turning two-step on makes the bookmarklet appear to function (kind of), but the clip never makes it to Evernote. The bookmarklet is from http://static.chrisbray.com/bookmarklets/#evernote - here it is: javascript:(function(){EN_CLIP_HOST='http://www.evernote.com';try{var x=document.createElement('SCRIPT');x.type='text/javascript';x.src=EN_CLIP_HOST+'/public/bookmarkClipper.js?'+(new Date().getTime()/100000);document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(x);}catch(e){location.href=EN_CLIP_HOST+'/clip.action?url='+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'&title='+encodeURIComponent(document.title);}})();With two-step enabled, the bookmarklet does ask for the Evernote password, as before. It's dialog does display, but there are no choices in the Notebook pull-down menu. I realize that Evernote doesn't formally support this bookmarklet, but is there anything you can do at your end to make this work without forcing me to forego two-step verification? Thanks, -^-rdj-^-
  19. I had been using the Evernote Clipper bookmark on Safari on the iPad (and iPhone) for a long time. (Using a bookmark is necessary, because there's no plug-in support on these mobile browsers.) Now, the "bookmarklet" still shows the clipper dialog, however, no destination folder is selected, and the folder selection list is empty. Attempting to clip anyway redisplays the clipper dialog with a red outline box around the "tags" field (even when that field is not empty.) I am not certain but believe the bookmarklet worked under iOS 7, but it certainly did through iOS 6. I could not find a more recent version of the bookmarklet. The problem may have started when I enabled two-step authentication for my Evernote premium account... I really miss being able to clip on my iPhone and iPad. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Did I miss finding a more recent version of the bookmarklet? My work-around for now is to add the page to my Safari "reading list" and then clip it the next time I'm on a Mac. Here's the text of the bookmarklet that I'm currently using: javascript:(function()%7BEN_CLIP_HOST='http://www.evernote.com';try%7Bvar%20x=document.createElement('SCRIPT');x.type='text/javascript';x.src=EN_CLIP_HOST+'/public/bookmarkClipper.js?'+(new%20Date().getTime()/100000);document.getElementsByTagName('head')%5B0%5D.appendChild(x);%7Dcatch(e)%7Blocation.href=EN_CLIP_HOST+'/clip.action?url='+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'&title='+encodeURIComponent(document.title);%7D%7D)();
  20. I hope you'll also fix the bug that URLs with protocols other than http:/https: are not being accepted as link targets in Evernote notes (I'm running version 5.0.4 on Mac OS X 10.8.2.) This is related to -- but not the same as -- URLs entered as text being recognized and rendered as links. For example, I used to be able to create links in Notes with "file://localhost/..." to open files stored locally on my Mac. I was also able to create links to other applications on my iPad. (With this version of Evernote, when I use Link / Add... and enter anything that doesn't begin "http://..." or "https://...", the "OK" button doesn't become active.) I already reported this through Premium support and have been informed that your QA team is aware of this issue, but I wanted to let anyone else who happens upon this topic (as I did) to be aware of it as well.
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