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  1. Thinking about this a little more, you are correct - changing the format of the attachment should not "edit" the note. It's simply a display preference.
  2. Yes - it looks like it's fixed now :-). I checked it on the web beta on both a Mac and a Windows PC, and the note is now no longer getting updated when being viewed. The "updated" time stamp is therefore no longer being interfered with. Thanks for fixing it. 😀 Note - if I decide to change the PDF format between attachment, full-preview, or page-through-preview type, then the note "updates". I'm not sure if that's intentional behaviour or not.
  3. I've checked also - problem appears to still exist when viewing PDF notes
  4. Sorry for the delay in coming back on this. Thanks for identifying the problem. Will check back on Friday and see if the issue has disappeared. I think what you have mentioned in the bug in question. Looking at the issue again, it does appear to be solely notes with a PDF attachment. I have a very large number of notes with PDFs, so hence I probably thought every note was impacted. I have not seen the issue on any other platform; solely web beta.
  5. Yes - that's exactly what I'm observing too. Just viewing a note kicks off the "saving" notification in the bottom right hand corner. It's messing up my notes; I've stopped using the web beta version until this bug is fixed. It's a shame as I'd like to give the new search features a proper test drive.
  6. I've gone in to try out the web beta a couple of times (I'm especially keen to try out the new search functionality, and I like that the web version will now show PDFs inline). However, just viewing a note (without making any changes to it) changes the note "last updated" timestamp. I always sort my notes by last updated descending, so this bug means I can't afford to use the beta web version at all for the time being. If I do, I'm going to have a pile of notes which I've just viewed at the top of my list, upsetting my organisation. I'm fine with the "updated" time stamp changing if I edit a note, but it's problematic if I am just viewing a note. I remember there used to be a similar bug in the Windows client version a few years ago, but it's long since fixed.
  7. Good idea - I think a visual indicator is really important. I recently discovered (using the shareddate:* search query) that a whole bunch of my notes were publically shared and I didn't know about it. They were notes I did not intentionally share, and was pretty shocked to realise there were publically viewable. I might have discovered the issue sooner if there was some kind of visual indicator on the notes in question that they were being shared. In the meantime, I have raised a ticket with EN Support to find out what bug or issue is causing the problem. One tag is common to all the shared notes, but since it's not possible to share at a tag level (and not all notes with the tag in question have been auto-shared) I don't know why it's occurring. Has anyone else experienced this?
  8. +1! Please bring back Atlas to the Mac version. I really miss it. Disappointed that it's been dropped. It was a lovely feature. I have years of notes with geo-location from all over the world, and Atlas was a handy way to navigate through them.
  9. I too have been experiencing a similar issue. I opened a support ticket, and they confirmed it's a known issue with the current Mac app. They have pushed out version 6.9.1 with a hot fix to address the problem. I'm just installing it now so will see how it goes.
  10. Thanks for the feedback folks. I went and checked out Nozbe, but it does appear to be far too expensive for what I need, though the EN integration seems decent. Todoist looks great, but the EN integration via PowerApp seems to be now broken. In the absence of an elegant alternative, I'm leaning towards staying with Remember The Milk.
  11. For a couple of years now I have used Remember The Milk as my task manager of choice. My annual subscription is coming up for renewal shortly, so I wanted to see what other alternatives might be out there before I sign up for another year. The "killer feature" of RTM for me has been it's integration with Evernote Reminders. If I add a reminder to a note in EN, it automatically becomes a task in RTM. I find this incredibly useful if I want to mark a note for follow up or an action of some type in a few days or weeks. I did try Evernote for a little while as a task manager, but it was a bit too cumbersome for that purpose, so I wanted to use something built specifically for task management. (Aside from task management, I use EN for practically everything. Are there any other task manager apps/systems out there which work so seamlessly with Evernote reminders? Ideally, I'd rather not have to have to use some kind of intermediary like IFTTT, but something which has a feature designed to work with EN reminders. Two other features I would look for would be the ability to add reminders via Siri, and an Apple Watch app, but Evernote integration is more important that these.
  12. Thank you for listening, and implementing this feature. It is already working well for me since the update. Much appreciated!
  13. I love Scannable, in particular it's ease of use and speed. Since it was released I find myself using my desktop flatbed scanner much less, and really only for more important documents. Scannable is great for receipts and documents of lesser importance. However, I am finding that the resolution of text scanned on the left hand side of documents is poor. I am not sure if this is a function of my iPhone 6 camera, or Scannable itself. As a test, I have captured the same document in three different ways: 1) using the stock camera app on the iPhone 2) using the document camera within the iOS Evernote app and 3) in Scannable. Certainly, the image saved with the stock camera app does show some signs of lesser resolution at the left hand edge, as does the EN app, it is much more pronounced in the Scannable image. Is anyone else having the same problem? Is this an issue with Scannable or my iPhone 6? Captured with iPhone 6 camera app: Captured with Evernote iOS app doc camera: Scannable image:
  14. I think Pocket is actually a fantastic app. It's a really excellent reading app for iOS and the web. I am a very heavy user. However, I feel the premium offering they have is weak. The extra features really don't add anything of value to my use of Pocket, given if I want to save an article after reading I can just lob it over to Evernote. The cost per month is also a little much for the said extra features. If the monthly subscription was a little less I was considering subscribing just to support the company, as the core app is excellent and I'd like to see them do well. Well my web browser does everything it does... (Safari) I can also replicate its efficiency with Evernote Web Clipper.. Having bought this pack... And having a pocket premium subscription... I would like to give it more of a chance... It just does not help me do anything I cant already do with use of Evernote, or basic web browser. I am very interested in how you use it to find important use for it. Obviously you are probably... Right... Pocket is a popular app... (Something I just dont really understand).. Could you elaborate how it helps you? I can create read later notebooks on Evernote if I wish... Safari also has read later list... (I would image so does chrome etc. - not sure because I dont use chrome/firefox anymore regularly) I just dont get it. Fair points. I have not really used the Safari read list to any great extend so can't compare to that. However, the selling points of Pocket to me are: - If I save an article on my desktop Mac or Windows PC, it pushes to Pocket on my iOS devices, and vice versa. - Articles are saved for offline reading. If I know I'm heading on a flight, I can queue up a lot of articles for reading on the plane. - Pocket saves both a text view with all the rubbish parsed out (just main images and actual article text) and the actual web page view. You can toggle between views in the app, offline and online. If the article is multiple pages long on the web, the text view pulls it all into one page. - The text view is nicely laid out and easy to read, with customisable options. - I had considered saving articles to Evernote to "read later". However, a lot of what I read, I read once and don't need to refer to again. Therefore, if I saved a lot of these articles to Evernote, my searches would probably start to throw up a lot of noise over time. I guess I could delete the articles from EN once I read first time?
  15. One related piece of feedback: if I am in the Web Beta version of EN, and try to add tags to business cards which were captured via Scannable, it won't let me do it. The fields are locked. Non-business card documents which were captured via Scannable are fine; I can add tags in Web Beta no problem. Not sure if this is intentional or a bug? Thanks, David
  16. I think Pocket is actually a fantastic app. It's a really excellent reading app for iOS and the web. I am a very heavy user. However, I feel the premium offering they have is weak. The extra features really don't add anything of value to my use of Pocket, given if I want to save an article after reading I can just lob it over to Evernote. The cost per month is also a little much for the said extra features. If the monthly subscription was a little less I was considering subscribing just to support the company, as the core app is excellent and I'd like to see them do well.
  17. I agree. Great to see the option to remove Work Chat from my screen. While I appreciate this is a feature for business users and have no problem with it being part of Evernote, I will never ever use it for my personal Evernote activity. Thanks for giving us the option to hide the button.
  18. +1 for location tagging of items captured in Scannable. Currently, one I capture a document in Scannable, I am then flicking to the Evernote iOS app, going to the note just created by Scannable, and manually geotagging it for the location I am at. It would be great to have Scannable do this automatically. I would not require this outside Evernote, just for notes sent to EN. Other than that, as the users above state, Scannable is a great app! Thanks!
  19. I had this same issue with crashes earlier this week (v6 on Yosemite). I uninstalled Evernote, rebooted, then reinstalled from the Evernote website, and it's been working just fine since. No further crashes. Sorry to hear you are still having issues despite taking these steps.
  20. Is there a keyboard shortcut in Evernote for Mac which allows for toggling between open EN windows? Cmd + ` which works in other programs does not seem to work with EN. I use a MacBook Air, so my screen size is relatively small, so I like to have windows in full screen to maximise what I can see, and therefore can't click back and forth between notes quickly. I need to use the Window menu with the mouse to switch windows. I've not found any solution, so bumping this post. Thanks!
  21. Overall, I have no major issues with the new web UI, bearing in mind there is more functionality to come. I would really like to be able to view notes as cards in the new UI, not just the clipping view. I feel the card view would actually work pretty well in the redesign. Depending on how it was done, you could probably display more notes simultaneously in card view.
  22. I would love to see the change log come back under the "Help" menu. Missing for the last couple of betas now I think. Thank you!
  23. I second this. There is usually a changelog located under the "help" menu, but there appears to be none with 5.6 Beta 4.
  24. I know at least a few third party apps can pull data from a Garmin Forerunner 205/305 & probably the newer models. IE Sporttracks by Zone Five Software. So you may have luck looking at a third party app that would pull the data from the device, then possibly have a way to export to EN. Or if you're a coder, you could try to make your own interface. Thanks for the tip. I had a look at Sportstracks but it's a little expensive to use just as an interface between Garmin and EN. I'll have a scout around and see if I can find an alternative and post back here if I find one.
  25. Ah, the filter is a great idea for getting the reports into Evernote. Thanks for that! I use Fitbit too and really like it. I also have a GMail filter setup to send the Fitbit weekly reports to Evernote. I have an IFTTT recipe setup to append each day's new data from my Fitbit to a note. I have been using a Garmin Forerunner for a number of years too for my running/jogging. The data gets uploaded to Garmin's Connect website. Unfortuantely, the Garmin Connect website is not very "open" and I don't see an easy way to export data to Evernote for a log with the rest of my health/fitness information. Garmin does not seem to support IFTTT or anything similar. Has anyone come up with a good way of getting run data from the Garmin Connect website to Evernote?
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