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  1. I have just installed Evernote on a new iPhone from scratch and still the sync does not work.
  2. I can only say this sync to my iPhone and iPad is terrible.I change something on the Mac and nothing changes on the iOS devices. Even a new note does not sync. If I delete the app and reinstall then all works again for about 10 minutes and stops again. Offline notebooks are a waste of time. Something NEEDS TO BE DONE URGENTLY if they want to retain any customers.
  3. IOS version is not good. The menus do not work correctly, see the attached screenshots, they should show the same stacks but they don’t Plus syncing of offline notebooks does not work.IMG_0860.thumb.png.1c2a0d74afcbbe194aa90570f1910ec5.pngIMG_0859.thumb.png.9b75f5685de2eabd4696bbb2a9ac6710.png

  4. @Atif sorry I am not explaining what I mean properly. The column on the RHS called weekly sample seems to be separate from the table with week numbers. I don’t understand how you did that. I must be thick.....I understand the 3 columns for the week numbers.
  5. @Atif Thanks for the reply. I understand you week blocks in the table. My question was about how you have the Right Hand column as it seems to be separate from the table where your week numbers are. Thanks
  6. @Atif How are the two columns achieved in this dashboard? Thanks
  7. @Terminal How are the two columns achieved in this dashboard? Thanks
  8. @Terminal How are the two columns achieved in this dashboard? Thanks
  9. Hi, Not what I meant, sorry. I would like the current features to be better. My experience of using the apple pencil is that it is not as smooth as other notes apps and continually seems to try and straighten your letter as you write. To me this makes the feature unusable which is a shame, it just needs improving.
  10. I agree, I would happily upgrade to Premium if I could annoyed the way I do in Notability. Going to one notes app would be my goal and my choice would be Evernote if the annotation was like Notability in smoothness and ease of use.
  11. I Use Notability and would upgrade to a premium version of Evernote if I could use Evernote for annotations of pdf's in the same way I do in Notability. I find that trying to use the apple pencil in Evernote is not as good as Notability, when you are writing it straightens some of my characters and is not as fluid as Notability. I therefore assume that annotating pdf's which you can do with Premium would be the same. All of which is a shame as I would love to go to one notes app.
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