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  1. I find the PDF annotation features in Evernote slow and cumbersome on iOS with Apple Pencil. The Pencil annotation features in PDF Expert are near perfect for me, so I find myself exporting PDFs within Evernote notes to PDF Expert and then returning them once annotated. This is a cumbersome process. In particular, when you choose the pencil tool, there is a significant delay when you put pen to screen. I am often 1/2 way through a word before I realise that the 1st couple of letters did not register in time. Can we have this fixed please - or else better integration with PDF Expert?
  2. When the 12.9" iPad Pro and Evernote combination became available, my needs for an electronic day journal were finally answered. For around 12 months, I have had a close to perfect solution in this regard. That is, until Version 8 arrived. My near-perfect experience is now sullied by constant slow running and pauses, for 1-5 seconds, before I can proceed. My note-taking train of thought is interrupted by these performance problems with Version 8. Are others experiencing this problem? Can Evernote please fix it very quickly? Many thanks,
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