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  1. I moved a lot of attachments one by one. Never heard of Notion. Will check it out!
  2. @bonster713I would stick with EN for now. Bear has some great features and more elegant design than EN, but it is too young for power users or people who want to collaborate. I might return to it in a year or two.
  3. thanks - tried your suggestions -- no joy. I'll ask the owner to delete me and reshare. see if that works.
  4. Already looked there. Nothing of use for this particular issue.
  5. I have one shared notebook on my iphone that is not syncing to my Macbook or to the Web. Any help much appreciated.
  6. Hi - I tried Bear for a year. Like it, but there's still no way to share groups of notes, and looks like the Bear devs are not planning on this any time soon. So back to Evernote. Or so I thought. One of the reasons I switched to Bear was because I though it was easier to get things out in comparison to Evernote. WRONG. So very wrong. Turns out that no form of export from Bear or drag and drop into Evernote brings photos and other attachments in as anything other than a link back to the Bear note. Does anyone have any experience with this? Because now I am looking at possibly having to reconstruct/ re-clip hundreds and hundreds of notes. Thanks.
  7. Importing the rtf file got the text and photos into Evernote, but attachments are all in separate files. So basically, the issue is the attachments.
  8. Ahhhh.. Okay. I'll try that. the html thing didn't work.
  9. Unfortunately, I have too many notes in Bear to do that if by "files" you mean "notes". I'll try HTML and see what happens.
  10. Hi I've been trying Bear out all year. I like lots about it, but I'm sick of not being able to share notebooks, and Bear's development timeline has not prioritized this yet. I followed the standard instructions for moving back to Evernote -- I exported groups of Bear notes as RTF. But Bear created folders within folders with attachments being separate files. I can't see any way to import this into Evernote. Then I tried just dragging and dropping groups of notes from Bear to Evernote. This seemed to work, but large numbers of notes end up just being links to notes in Bear. Does anyone have a better solution? I'm doing this on a Macbook Pro running the latest version of Mojave.
  11. Yes. Necessary. Simple. Do it.
  12. I have been teetering between EN and switching to Onenote. I had decided to stick w/ EN when I had the idea to keep a personal songbook in EN with little audio snippets to remind me of the right note to begin on. Then I discovered, oh, audio quality is so bad I can hardly make out my voice. Sound quality in Onenote incomparably better. Why, EN?
  13. @jefito - thanks from me, too @gazumped - now we know that reinstalling won't work - although I tried it anyway, and it didn't work.
  14. Hi, Since the update to the Chrome plugin, I can't figure out a way to capture the body of emails in gmail. If the email is open, or if the email is open and I have manually selected the text, the plugin only captures the subject and some info about sender and receiver, but not the actual content of the email. There is no option to save the selection. If I use the rt click on the mouse instead of the plugin icon, there is still no option to make a selection and save it. Does anyone know how to capture the actual content now? Thanks!
  15. I am just adding my YES vote for folder encryption. I use a separate program for that now, and lack of folder encryption is the main reason I don't keep financial or legal documents in Evernote.
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