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  1. That's right. All Safari Extensions are distributed by the App Store.
  2. All web clippers have this problem -- that's precisely because web content is so unpredictable. Evernote's great strength (IMHO) is the ease with which one can store information in it. In most other respects, it is lacking (in search, in organization …) But I digress. By the way, the fact that the resubmitted web clipper hasn't yet been approved suggests that it has been rejected as well.
  3. For crying out loud, we're not talking about Opera, we're talking about there being no web clipper extension for the current version of the default web browser for the Mac OS platform!
  4. There's an apologist in every crowd. There aren't just two options. But yes, given the state of the Evernote clients (lack of significant new features, inability or unwillingness to fix longstanding bugs which are not easy to report given the incompetence of the "Evernote Help and Learning" team), preparing to leave the party seems wise.
  5. Yes, it is extremely worrisome. The CEO Ian Small is obviously a nice man, but I have always viewed their claims of "fixing the basics" with suspicion since the evidence is scant. The fact that they had a year to fix the Web Clipper extension instead of waiting until the last minute speaks volumes. Other longtime outstanding bugs (such as the Spotlight Importer crashes in Evernote for MacOS, not seen as a priority according to tech support) remain unfixed as well.
  6. Does the double-tap with three fingers work on the iPhone? Didn't seem to when I tried …
  7. Yes, indeed. The bug has existed for months, I reported it months ago, and I recently learned that it still hasn't been fixed because it was judged to be "a priority"! I complained once more, and the tech support person said she would raise the priority. Frankly, I think this is inexcusable.
  8. Yup, it looks like we're back to the same catastrophe. Why the folks at Evernote can't fix this is beyond me.
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