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  1. This is a known issue apparently, I contacted support about some speed issues with Safari:
  2. Another update, so rebuilding the Spotlight index worked for a couple of days, and I ended up running EtreCheck and found a load of partially uninstalled apps in the launchd folder that hadn't been removed when I uninstalled them. I deleted those .plist files from the launchd folders, removing old CleanMyMac and Malwarebytes plists and the Mac simply zips along like nothing else now. Safari is back to it's old self and I'm not stuck watching spinning beachballs all over the place anymore.
  3. I've since solved this issue build rebuild my Spotlight index with Onyx, it may be related to this issue - tech support say they're working on a fix for it
  4. Yep, had to in the end. Gave up deleting caches and reinstalling and all that. Waiting on their response now. Clipper works fine in Firefox, but there's a lot of system integration stuff that Safari has I've grown too married to.
  5. 'm running Safari 13.1 and using the latest version of the Clipper from the App Store. I can't download the .4 version, .3 version always installs instead.
  6. Hi, I'm running High Sierra on a Late-2011 MacBook Pro freshly updated and trying to get Web Clipper to play nicely with Safari (Version 13.1 (13609. but it's not going very well. I've narrowed the speed issues that I had with Safari down the web clipper and I can reliably activate and deactivate the extension and see a marked difference. Web Clipper is the only extension I run, using the latest version from the App Store. With the extension I experience: - Severe lag opening pages (into double digit minutes sometimes), some pages never open at all, but the "re
  7. Using the steps in my first message. I've opened a ticket with support for this, but you can see the screen recording that I made for them here https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6J0iy87nFYESzBzQ25McUh2bXFpaTc0Q0xqNE04RTBhOFJr
  8. So, I'm sharing the note, but it's not showing that I'm sharing the note at all, and the note permissions are showing that it's not shared with anyone.
  9. Ok, so take me through this hypothetical. I have a note that I want to share with 20 people. Those 20 people don't have Evernote, their spam filters don't trap spam from Evernote. 10 people read the note, the other 10 don't. Should the note report in my desktop client that it's shared with 20 people that I emailed, or with the 10 people who actually opened the link and read the note?
  10. As I said in my first sentence, I'm in China. One of the reasons that I'm using Evernote over OneNote is because Evernote isn't blocked here in China. There's still no way of confirming if all my students have the link to the schedules, or 11, or 43 of them, or none of them? Other than reverting back to old email, that is? One of the reasons that I got so angry about the length of time to moderate the first was that I searched and searched and searched, and finally gave up and used tech support, then the first thing that Ray S. did on Directly was send me to the search form on the f
  11. Quick follow up that only one work chat can be seen in Evernote Web, but two chat windows appear in the desktop client.
  12. I just shared a couple of exam schedules with my students, I'm in China and they're Chinese 18 year olds, and I've no idea if they are using Evernote or not. I've shared the schedules thus: 1) opened the note, clicked "Share" 2) Evernote wouldn't accept a delimited batch of email addresses, so I dutifully copied and pasted 56 emails over two notes one by one, by hand. 3) Typed a little message "here is your exam schedule" or some such whimsy. 4) Hit the share button. On one note, a class with 25 students, there is a little message at the top that says "S
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