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  1. I posted here because I needed help and I thanked you for your advice. I was being honest about how detrimental to me it had been that this happened. How was my post bad in any way? Do you know I could lose a project because of this and that work is scarce at the moment because of the epidemic? I have already left Evernote don't you worry and you have also left a bad taste in my mouth after this whole ordeal. Have a good life
  2. Good day and thanks for your assistance. I had an internet connection at the time of creating the note. I do use a basic account but I've never seen the need to upgrade as I run my own business and am the sole Director so I don't need access to a lot of features on this app for staff. I am self employed you see. Through all my time using the app I never had an issue with data limitations but I wonder what happened with my text edits all disappearing at once. In the past I have taken quite a few photos and added notes per project and there were no issues. I am debating whether to upgrade for a month to check the history. I'll give it a try but it will hopefully help. If I do manage to retrieve the data it's unlikely I will stick with Evernote after such a dis-heartening day. Thanks
  3. Good day I have been using your app since 2014. Today I went to site and spent the entire day taking photos and making measurements of walls for a large painting job. I have been using an Ipad with a cover for years. After taking yet another batch of photos and adding notes to it I looked at my IPAD and all that was reflecting is photos. It was showing all the photos and text perfectly throughout the day. I have spent hours of the day in the sun, measuring up every small detail of an entire Nursery for children and all the typed information is missing. I always make a few notes, then take photos through the app afterwards, close the cover, walk to the next area then open up the cover and continue. I have never had an issue with missing edited notes since I loaded the app in 2014. I am now at risk of losing a potential job through a client because of submitting a quote to a client late, and the client possibly going with another contractor. I have gone through your forums and read all the suggestions to retrieve missing data and I am not coming right. I did not delete the note and I have never done so, so it is not in my trash folders on my IPAD or in Web Evernote. I see this is obviously an issue with a recent software update that has affected many users. I will be needing assistance to retrieve this missing information urgently please....
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