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  1. This has certainly been an interesting read. I don't get over here as often as I used to- I am in so many forums now that I do not have the time/bandwidth... Anyway...I first learned about this happening from a couple of EN forums I am on in Facebook. An article in TechCrunch seemed to confirm this. For the most part, I do not have an issue with this. I would put EN on par with most other major productivity apps- where there is no "free". Bottom line- especially for an app of this type, it costs money. My only reason for pause is that I too wish that BS would have announced what they were doing before they... just started doing it. They seem to have a strange way in general of doing things...I don't if its because its now an out-of-US company or what. That being said, EN is too valuable to me- I am sticking with it. I have 17000 notes in over 200 notebooks. I tried moving to OneNote. Once. That was ugly. Maybe there are other solutions out there. I do not have time to explore and move. If there was a poll going, my vote would be- take the current "free" level and convert to a lower-priced basic level with the same features. I think then the new "free" level wouldn't be so unpalatable. Just my thoughts, YMMV.
  2. Believe me, as a Red Cross volunteer for the last 13 years I hear this all the time. The key paragraph (that many will gloss over)... "The organization started charging only because the U.S. Secretary of War asked it to. British soldiers had to pay for their snacks, and the free doughnuts for Americans were causing tensions. So the Red Cross complied, after protesting to no avail. It didn't last long — for most of the last 70 years, Red Cross doughnuts have remained free — but veterans haven't forgotten."
  3. I seem to be having an issue lately with notes not syncing from Android to desktop. Latest version of both Android and Windows apps, Professional account. I created a note that had tasks in it. It will NOT sync to my Windows desktop.app. When I went to the web version the note is there...kind of...but says this... ------------------------------- Content not supported This block is a placeholder for Tasks, which has been officially released on the newest version of Evernote and is no longer supported on this version. Deleting or moving this block may cause unexpected behavior in newer versions of Evernote. ----------------------------- So can a note with Tasks not be synced across devices? This is a major issue for me. Thanks, Eric Lorenz
  4. (...what happens when you click on random subjects in search lists, and get tossed down rabbit holes...) So, N.L.A.U.- you are using the free version of the software (which you by now know comes with the most basic of support...) and instead of looking there for help, you create a post here. Others try to help you, and in return...you rant at them. Sigh. (Going back to finding a solution for what *I* was working on...)
  5. I have been reading everything I can about this, and sad to see that EN has chosen to not do anything for this. I seem to remember that they *did* have a feature that would allow you to do this in Legacy...Was this the case, and they chose to not implement it in v10? In my case, I use Notes within EN to track IT jobs in my business. I have sections for Conformation emails, SOW/Notes, Documentation, Deliverables, Invoice and Payment Receipt. After filling in these areas with all their info during the course of a job, the note gets long. It would be nice to create links to each of the section headers and create a 1 row table at the top of the note with links to jump down to each of the sections. Sigh.
  6. Thanks for the help- I think I found the issue...user error- I was accidentally sharing individual notes, not notebooks. Point well taken about the plans. We are basically scanning all household paperwork to keep in EN. It took a little convincing to get her to agree to use EN...With the 50% off sale, might bump her up to Personal at least for a year. The issue is we both come from folder-oriented backgrounds, so switching over is slow. I am warming up to tags, she is brand new to EN. For now, it gives her a measure of comfort. We scan and group documents by category (Auto, Prescriptions, insurance, misc receipts etc.) then let search do the rest. But I just realized that I think Free level doesn't allow searching within PDF's...so that's something.
  7. Hi all...I have been using EN for over 10 years now, and recently helped my wife set up a Free account. The idea is that I am starting to scan documents and paperwork we want to keep into EN then I would share the folders with her account so she has access to them also...and can add to them. Is there any limit on the number of folders I can share with her free account? The first few folders I shared with her came across fine, but the last few have not shown up in her account. With the 50% off sale on Personal, I am hoping to get her up there, but have to show her that this has usefulness for her. Thanks, Eric Eric Lorenz EN Pro on v10.44.8_win Android user since 2008
  8. Um...I think you might be confused? I thought the last time I checked...while technically your statment is correct...you are in the end, limited- to the amount of space in your OneDrive. Eric
  9. I know a lot of people make light of the "freeform" layout capabilities that ON has- for me, I do not find that as big a deal. I use it more for its storage and search capabilities...so just attaching a bunch of stuff together in a note from a project is no big deal= the search function is awesome enough that I can find what I need. And as DTlow said, the table layout stuff that EN has built in now makes organization (if I need it) fine for me. The other biggie for me in ON- the whole tie to your OneDrive space- my EN database is north of 10Gb now- I have started to use it to store PDF's of old magazines I want to keep (w/o the paper). I use a scanning service in CA to scan and return files to me online, which I then ingest into EN. They are then fully searchable. And as I said before...I tried once to do a transfer of my EN file to ON. It. Was. Horrible. I would essentially have to completely reformat and rework everything once I got it into ON- IF i could. No thanks.
  10. I was introduced to OneNote as a Red Cross volunteer- we made the jump nationally to Office 365, so we are all-in there. As I also had a home Office 365 subscription, I figured I would give OneNote a try. There were several tools that promised easy migration from EN. Now, maybe I should seen if I could have taken it slower- my EN file is almost 9.5Gb. But I ran one of the tools and waited to see what would happen. First- about halfway through, it crashed. Horribly. Froze hard. So I bailed out and went in to take a look. It was horrible. In short, because of my use of stacks, tags and such, there was no way that my EN account as it was would transfer over to OneNote cleanly. Also, after taking a look at OneNote's structure...while the ability to "free-form" note layout was nice, I really didn't need it. The lack of tags and the sub-par search features have kept me with EN. EN gives me a lot more freedom to use the tools I want and need. With OneNote, it works best if you lock into MS/Office lock, stock and barrel. Just my .09 (adjusted for inflation). Eric
  11. I cannot believe that I sat here at my desk for the past few hours reading through this *entire* thread. And people are *still* asking for EN to do this (hint: please read through this thread. All of it. Like I did.). And the answer *hasn't* changed. So let me ask those who want EN to just "whip up" a native Linux client... Do you want Redhat/RPM, Debian, FreeBSD? Which distros do you want supported? Which Desktops? Not an easy question to answer- except for this...THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ONE KIND OF LINUX. EN has already stated that they are not going to build "a" Linux client...what makes you think they are going to build clients to satisfy every needed form of Linux? I thought so. Eric (yes, if it seems like there is an excessive amount of Snark here...you're right. It's 1:37am, and I'm not sure why I just wasted over 2 hours of my life)
  12. Ehh... Now, if they were to do a port for the Timex Sinclair (maybe .000001% of all users?) THAT would win them the Internet for the day! Eric
  13. Dave: After doing a lot of searching, and reading all the requests for a Linux version of EverNote, I was surprised (and disappointed) to see your response. is Evernote just another company that doesn't take Linux seriously? I think if you look at it, you will find more and more people that are moving away from Windows to Linux. For me, it was the best move I have ever made. There have been a few software issues in doing so, however and Evernote has been one of them. I guess I will continue to use v3.1 in Wine *such as it works) until I find something else that will work natively under Linux. Eric Lorenz
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