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  1. Sorting saved searches by reminder date is the only feature left preventing me from switching to v10 (which I'd like to do, given some of the new features). Bumping this request to the top again!
  2. Sorting saved searches by reminder date is the only feature left preventing me from switching to v10 (which I'd like to do, given some of the new features). Bumping this request to the top again!
  3. In v7.14, the reminder dates are pretty-printed (e.g. Today, Tomorrow, Mon mm/dd, etc.). Makes reminders much easier to use! If some people don't want pretty-printing - it can be a function of the size of the column. E.g. fully expanded "Reminder Time" column shows date and time; shortened column hides time and instead shows the pretty-printed date (e.g. Today, Tomorrow, etc.).
  4. Yay for Top View! I'm almost ready to switch to v10 - but out of the suggested reminder-related feature requests in this post, need 2 of them before I can formally switch: Just thought I'd bump up this thread in the off chance a Product Manager at Evernote sees this and wants to give this XmasMonkey a great Xmas gift.
  5. I don't think it is a new feature - it is a new foundation. The Evernote Team internally seems to call v10 "the starting line" as I suspected.
  6. That might be 100% true, and Evernote might lose a bunch of users because of the delay in getting out a v10 that satisfies enough user needs to create a long-term viable business. It could even be the end of their business if the delay proves to have been too long. I really hope this is not true, as I have been a long-time Evernote user and still prefer it - imperfections and all - to alternatives I've seen. v10 isn't good enough for me at the moment, but I really appreciate I'm able to run v7 in parallel. I don't want to be running v7 forever of course, because at some point it will
  7. It sounds simple in theory, but it rarely works out that way in practice. I don't know Evernote's numbers - but I can tell you that for every dollar more you charge, you typically churn more paying users and reduce freemium conversions than you do retain users or attract new business. I suspect raising prices on existing users during a period where Evernote knows quality and pace of innovation has suffered on the existing platform would be more harmful than helpful at this point. Let's assume you run Evernote. Your data says you can't raise prices at the moment without signif
  8. Was going to say the same thing. Here's some of the data I would look at: What % of searches (in search bar, clicking on a tag, etc.) make use of tags to filter the query? What % of users who had tags created later remove tags? (signal on ongoing feature utility) What % of users who create a tag in week 1 of installing Evernote come back in week 2? (i.e. impact of tags on product retention) What % of free accounts that convert to premium have tags created? What % of paying users have tags created? What % of 7-day active paying users have tags created?
  9. <rant> The Evernote Team is not "out to get us". Maintaining 6 unique native code bases (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Web, sync platform) is INCREDIBLY HARD. Feature sets diverge between all platforms, angering users. Pace of innovation slows, angering users. Technical debt inevitably builds, but now you have 6 unique sources of varying technical debt. As a result - bug fixing pace slows, angering users. Meanwhile Evernote is a business, and it has to be sustainable. Every company eventually reaches the "we have to make significant upgrades to our aging platform / approach if
  10. First off - kudos to implementing my #1 feature request with reminders (the ability to set "No date")! Sure - it took 7 years - but it was a tiny feature request that I didn't expect to get prioritized, so to see it in v10 is great. Some v10 wishlist items related to reminders: All Reminders button: in addition to an "All Notes" button in the left-hand nav - add an "All Reminders" button. This button jumps straight to the "Reminders" view. See screenshot. Also see this feature request. Sort saved search results by reminder date: allow saved search results to be sortable
  11. Moving forward - when you think Electron, think positive!
  12. Out of curiosity - if the new Evernote app keeps everything in sync in real-time, why do you need the manual sync button? I've been trained from many years of Evernote use to click the manual "Sync" button - so it is weird not to have it anymore - but after thinking about it some more, I realized I should never have had to build the habit of triggering sync myself (it should just happen in real-time without intervention, which it looks like it now does).
  13. Actually - this is about v10. Wonder why it was moved to the forum about v7.14?
  14. Ah ok. I posted in the v10 Bugs forum (but the topic was moved here). I can file a ticket with support directly, just thought if I posted others might have insight or +1 the issue.
  15. Love the new ability to use header styles in notes. I edited a note and added large, medium, and small headers. I changed the font-size of the headers and used the “Update header to match style” option to set a new style for all my headers. Within that note - highlighting text and applying a header style correctly used my custom header style. However in a different note - applying the header style used the default Evernote header style vs. the custom one I created. Is it a bug that my custom header styles don’t persist between notes? Or is that on purpose?
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