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  1. I hear you. I have been requesting a feature for 7 years - the ability to clear the date on a reminder - which seems simple (to me), but probably won't be prioritized vs. the re-platforming they are doing.
  2. Bump! 7 years later - but I'm feeling lucky this time!
  3. I was having this same problem (and posted about it here). Just discovered others are having the same frustration - I feel validation of my daily struggle! Sounds like from DTLow's earlier post this is a regression introduced in v7.6 of Evernote for Mac. Hoping bumping this up may get this fixed in an upcoming version!
  4. It’s there. Go to the new Evernote Web (in beta) and you can choose highlighter colors. I believe this will come to the desktop apps at the next update, but the next update of desktop apps seems to be taking longer than usual. But at least the web version proves the feature exists now.
  5. Time for me to start a new "There are too many highlighter color choices, and it is confusing. Please limit highlighter colors to just yellow or I will abandon Evernote." thread!
  6. This has been fixed with 7.6 via the new "Notes vs. Reminders" toolbar. Although related to that update, see my feature request
  7. It lets me include tasks that are overdue in my "Today" search. Or if you were commenting on whether I truly have tasks more than 60 days past due...no comment...
  8. Here are my searches in case anyone is interested (they all filter out complete tasks): All Tasks: -reminderDoneTime:* reminderOrder:* Tasks Due Today (including overdue tasks): reminderTime:day-60 -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:* reminderOrder:* Tasks Due Tomorrow: reminderTime:day+1 -reminderTime:day+2 -reminderDoneTime:* reminderOrder:*
  9. Yup - I have similar saved searches. It brings up note view, which doesn't list the due date prominently. That's why I like Reminder View. See screenshot below.
  10. I'd like to set the default view (Notes vs. Reminders) for a saved search. For example - I have a 3 saved searches that show me: 1) All My Tasks, 2) Tasks Due Today, and 3) Tasks Due Tomorrow. I click into one of those searches, then choose "Reminders" to see the reminder view. Unfortunately, whenever I switch between those saved searches, or to a different view all together - upon coming back the view switches back to "Notes". It would be great to simply remember the last view (and preserve it), or optionally let you specify the default view for a Saved Search.
  11. Hello. today there was such a problem. I use evernote permanently on the phone, but today I came from my ipad and the old information on two devices was updated from it and fresh notes were lost.

  12. @DTLow - did you ever solve the "Invisible Notes" issue? I haven't seen a fix come through (and when I wrote Support months ago, they said engineering was aware of the problem and working on a fix). Am I supposed to rebuild my search index? I don't think that is the cause (as clicking around in the UX and then going back to my saved search eventually shows the note results) - but willing to try anything.
  13. Updated to 7.5.2 - not fixed :( Is anyone else still experiencing this issue, or is it just me?
  14. Sigh. Upgraded just now to 7.5 and still an issue. Anytime I go to a saved search that has zero results - clicking on another saved search with non-zero results shows the blank notes list. Any update from the Evernote team? Pretty please?
  15. While I get the frustration that this feature hasn't been built yet, we now have an Evernote employee actively engaged on this topic. Let's take advantage of that vs. venting frustration. Rebranding by the way involves a totally different team than the product/engineering teams, plus keep in mind there are likely hundreds of threads just like this one with people passionately making the case for their particular feature. So again - I understand your frustration, but let's instead overwhelm the Evernote team with evidence on why this feature should be a priority.
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