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  1. This is back in the new ios version with the home screen.
  2. Yep, better update. Faster load up, but I find after using it for 15 or so minutes going through notes I get freezes, notes won’t render etc. Still needs some work on fundamental things.
  3. iOS 10.2. I can take a screenshot in Safari iOS, then click copy, then open Evernote and paste the screenshot into a note. Evernote will then paste multiple copies of that screenshot in. Weird thing is, if I repeat this operation, Safari / screenshot / Evernote a few times (leaving and coming back), previous pasted in screenshots are still being duplicated. Doing this and pasting into other applications is not pasting multiples in. Anyone seen this one?
  4. Just spent some more time with 10.2. It pulls up notes faster (initially) for me than the previous 10x versions. After navigating through a handful of regular used notes, the app becomes unresponsive. Still too slow and unresponsive to use.
  5. I’ve found an option to simply formatting, but where’s is the option to “make plain text?” Finding the simplify only formatting to format wonky. Also, the solution above by Jaya, that option is grayed out. Thought it might be because I didn’t have all text selected, but when I do select all text, Evernote freezes on bringing up that edit window. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. There should be support to sync legacy until they can get the new version to a reasonable level of speed and function. The current version is like coming outside in the morning to a car with flats, no steering wheel, a broken dashboard. Legacy is just an unsupported loaner car that won’t drive side by side well with the new iOS version.
  7. Bi-directional links was the topic you linked to here as a feature request. They lose all most of their utility if they aren't linked at an atomic level. It's relevant. I appreciate you helping others, but I know EN very well. What you're describing is extremely different and time-consuming in comparison to the way Roam, Obsidian, etc etc do it.
  8. Same issue here. They know about it and apparently it’s the number one priority. A functional iOS version can’t get here soon enough. Have logged out, uninstalled, hard reset, reinstalled countless times on each new iOS update.
  9. The bi-directional links should be based on blocks of text and not pages. Being able to instantly pull up sections of related content, or to get to the exact area in another note you need is non-trivial. Been using Roam for over a year and that difference makes all the difference. Roam is like a prosthetic brain and Evernote is like a filing cabinet. Recent EN releases are like a filing cabinet you have to jimmy open and maybe your info will show up. I’d move everything to Roam if I thought it would handle tens of thousands of notes.
  10. I paste into a note, then select another note and then go back to the note I pasted in and there isn’t the pasted text anymore. I’m not even sure if this happens on this particular note or them all because there are too many issues to regularly use the iOS app. Sometimes, the UI gets stuck on a note and won’t allow me to select any other notes in the notes list. Real basic core stuff here. Anyone else see these? 10.1 on iPad.
  11. Yes, this is a known issue. I also just got it on 10.1. The same note isn’t opened on any other device. This really needs to be fixed before iOS is useable.
  12. Search for a note, screen goes blank. Remember, you have the note in your shortcuts. Pull up the shortcuts pane, nothing appears. Feel like I’m stuck in the world’s worst magic skit
  13. There’s a bug where you can only choose between a few notebooks when clipping. It’s not even possible to search for more as nothing additional shows up in search. If anyone else gets this, I was able to get access to all notebooks back as a saving destination by putting Evernote into slide over mode.
  14. Duplicates of notes is a long standing bug, v10 has just made it more frequent. The new iOS versions simply aren’t useable for many until this and a few other bugs are fixed.
  15. Earlier, I put a post in the iOS Evernote 10 feature request forum for Siri support. Upvote it.
  16. I used to have hundreds of notes I'd invoke by voice and now that isn't possible. This should have been in the release notes. Does cross platform parity mean these OS specific features won't be coming back?
  17. I’ve had a 2018 iPad open for days with screen lock set to off and Evernote on screen. Doing this to get a few selected notebooks to download offline. Woke up today and there was a permission message on screen for notifications “allow Evernote to send notifications,” but Evernote had shut down. I’m guessing because of this or something else to do with Evernote. Shrug. On this iPad it seems like the notebooks, eventually, will download, but on a fast connection with mostly text notes and an iPad left on constantly it shouldn’t take days. On my 2017 iPad Pro, it’s a different story. I’ve al
  18. I really like some of the UI changes. Search autocompletes, quicker access to editing, quite a bit actually. However, core features are not functioning properly at all. I get: note sync conflicts, notes copying and copying themselves, offline notebooks won’t download (green progress bar progresses then goes back to zero), notes can’t be edited when notebooks are being downloaded, can’t save anything with the iOS clipper, etc etc.
  19. Sounds about right.I was enjoying the note retaining position longer too until I noticed a sync conflict was created with only one ios device open to Evernote. That note duplicated near 30 times and clicking delete on it did nothing. @Amystoneus are you also downloading offline notebooks to your ipad or phone? I'm on a blazing fast connection and left ipad open to Evernote all night and the downloads have only moved a millimeter on the screen. I'm guessing servers are slammed on their end, this could be part of the issue.
  20. Heya, I was referring to Amystoneus's comment about sync conflicts on ios 14. I develop some ios stuff so very familiar with RAM management in ios 13. Evernote *is* is retaining it's note position longer in ios 14. I can't use it on ios 14 because I get exponential note copies due to sync conflicts - on three different devices. Close all devices except one and still get sync conflicts simply tapping edit on a note. That's off topic to this thread though.
  21. Yep, sync conflicts all over the place with this new IOS version. Can't use mobile at all now. I've installed fresh on every device, still the same. Also, left ipad open overnight to download offline notebooks and a tiny fraction of notes were downloaded. Connection is fast here. What is going on?
  22. This will give you an idea of the power of bi-directional links: https://reddit.com/r/RoamResearch/comments/giei3w/bidirectional_links_how_is_it_different_from/ they are different than tags in that they help you quickly synthesize information and connect ideas without losing flow. Many new note taking apps are adding the feature.
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