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  1. So, something that's clearer to me now. I'm used to working with multiple Notes simultaneously, and with Tabs gone, the only way to do that is in multiple windows. Double-clicking opens the Note in the main window (replacing whatever is there) before cloning it into a new window, thus giving two windows with the same note, instead of opening the new thing I need *along with* the old thing I needed to keep using. I need a way to open notes (whether new or pre-existing) without making the main Note window pointless. 1. Doesn't seem to work on Mac. However, you're right that there's a keyboard shortcut for it, which is great. Prefer keyboard shortcuts.
  2. I'm running both Evernote Legacy and occasionally I close it and open the current version (running 10.21) just to check it out, try using it. There are several issues caused by the removal of tabs. 1) No way to open a new note in a new window (i.e. right-clicking or something) 2) Similarly, no way to open an existing note from the shortcuts or navigation area in a new window 3) No way to see the title of the current note if scrolled down at all. (Seriously, there is so much wasted space at the top of the notes. I get the name of my Notebook, and that's it. Display the note title and move the Tags up there too already. People who don't use Tags simply won't see any. ) 4) When more than one note is open (i.e. one note in the main app window and a second note in a second window), copying the internal note app link (whether by shortcut or through the menu) often copies the wrong link. I’ve tried this a dozen times, clicking very distinctly on the window/note I want to link-copy. 5) CMD-J, regardless of what window one is working in, the active window, can only change the note in the main program window, not floating windows.
  3. I have an m1 iPad 11", and an iPhone 12, both running the latest versions of iOS and Evernote. Both set to download everything. Here I am at home, with both cellular and wifi connection... and I can't access a single note (apparently, this time, because of DNS issues?) WHY WHY WHY if I have downloaded everything for offline access... is my access to downloaded notes dependent on a connection, or on Evernote's servers? That's not offline access at all! Again, not talking sync. Talking about just access. I've had this so issue so many times in the last few months, and it's infuriating. I selected "download all notebooks" because I need all my stuff available OFFLINE. So fix your terminology to quit misleading people into thinking "download" means you're actually downloading for offline access, and you can expect to see them. When it says "download all notebooks" it doesn't mean it AT ALL.
  4. I'm a Premium subscriber. Updated Evernote on iOS this morning (iPhone 12 Pro with latest non-beta iOS build), and started looking at some notes. They ALL say "VIEW ONLY" at the bottom of the note. WHY?!!!!!
  5. I use Evernote for my archival and other research, and some of my notes can be quite long. I've tried embedding some tasks into the middle of notes. It would be extremely useful when clicking on a task from the sidebar, if it would open the note to the location of the task within the note, instead of just opening the note to the top.
  6. I don't know which device created the alternate/duplicate note. 20 words difference suggests I added an entry somewhere in the note, but then, why didn't it just update instead of forking off as a new note? I have the latest Evernote on an iPhone 12 Plus (iOS 14.5), an 11" 2021 iPad Pro (iOS 14.5), and I run the Legacy Evernote on my 2019 16" MBP (most recent build of Catalina, not Big Sur)
  7. I attended an academic conference recently; there was abundant wifi. Somehow, though, Evernote duplicated and pushed out to all my devices a copy of my master dissertation research note. It's 50k+ words. Moreover, Evernote did not label it as a conflict, but the detailed info shows a difference of 20 words or so. And then, it kept showing the green circular arrow "syncing" icon on multiple notes for HOURS, including overnight. These were small notes, and I was connected to the internet the entire time. I'm frustrated that I can't easily compare these two massive notes. I'm frustrated at the apparent syncing issues. And I'm frustrated at how these are undermining my trust in Evernote's reliability as an academic tool. Been a paying customer for years...
  8. Notion also won't OCR, which is a big problem for me. I do my archival work by taking pictures in Evernote, which then automatically get OCR'd and searchable.
  9. Title says it all. If anyone using an iPad Pro or iPhone with a lidar scanner, have you noticed any improvement in speed or focus when scanning documents?
  10. Problem is, that's kind of impossible. Some things some customers depend upon (tabs, ability to choose fonts) were removed because other users either don't use them, or "need" features like cross-platform identical notes, which led to removal of ability to choose fonts. Making some customers very happy leads to making other customers very unhappy, because we want different things that (apparently) can't be accommodated.
  11. I understand that Evernote thinks it's super important to limit the fonts, because apparently everyone is syncing and sharing notes with all kinds of other people, and cross-platform unity has been requested. Fine. But isn't there a way to allow that to be the default behavior, but also build in a secret power-user setting to allow people to, you know, pick their own fonts? This is a major issue for me, so much so that after years of paying for Evernote, today I downloaded some alternatives to play around with (Keep It looks like it works with my workflow)
  12. There is more to font utility than merely displaying characters "correctly."
  13. I left similar feedback during the beta as well. Long time paying customer. Have convinced other people to use Evernote. It is UNCONSCIONABLE to say "we're not going to let users choose their own fonts. Because everyone is sharing notes with weird fonts, and that's a problem." No. Absolutely, NO. I've been using the current release and the legacy together. Yeah, current release has some nice things. But I will continue using the legacy as long as I can (or until I find an alternate app that fits my work), because I HATE THE FONTS YOU HAVE IMPOSED ON ME! And I don't share notes with anyone but my wife! Why force this on people? Was it really such the dominant use case that you HAD to IMPOSE it on everyone? I'm a historian, with training in the ANE. Among other things, I have some notes in non-Roman fonts in multiple languages. This messes with that a good bit. Just really REALLY angry about this today.
  14. Watched the recent YouTube video interview. The CEO says "we are not implementing tabs at this point... it was not a heavily utilized feature." Which is a crime, on two aspects. First, Tabs are integral and critical to my usage, because I will have open archival documents simultaneously with my notes and research outlines. But more importantly, second, I didn't know Evernote did tabs until maybe 1-2 years ago. And my brother (finishing a joint MBA/MHA and a big Evernote user) and I were chatting, I complained about the removal of tabs, and he said, "Evernote has tabs?!" Clearly, the company has not done a good job telling users this was available, which probably accounts for its low usage.
  15. I have been generally unhappy with the beta and rebuild, which I've detailed here before. But I must give props in at least one area. I'm a PhD candidate, do a lot of archival work, and use Evernote to capture archival documents directly. Using my iPhone 11, the new iOS autoscan was much faster and smarter than the old one! Saved me lots of time and frustration, I was very impressed. The scanning tool did crash once, wiping out about 40 images; I learned from that that while the old scanning tool retained those after a crash, the new one didn't. So, "save" more often, I suppose, on the user end.
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