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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'm unclear, though. The keyboard shortcut to generate a note link already uses the option key (ctrl+opt+command+c); In textedit and Things, option+command+v doesn't do anything, no pasting at all. Unless there's a different shortcut for generating a Note Link...?
  2. I've started using the Note Link feature a good bit, both in Evernote itself and outside. That is, I use Things, which allows you to drag in links, documents, etc. to a particular ToDo item. If I make a Note Link, paste it into another note in Evernote, and then do right-click, "copy link", then I get a link like this evernote:///view/467162679/s17/e6e14cd6-71f9-4dcb-91da-4616ee0061ad/e6e14cd6-71f9-4dcb-91da-4616ee0061ad/ And clicking on that in Things opens up the right note in Evernote. Perfect, though a bit cumbersome. However, if I use the keyboard shortcut to create a Note Link (which is automatically copied to the clipboard), I get a link like this https://www.evernote.com/shard/s17/nl/467162679/e6e14cd6-71f9-4dcb-91da-4616ee0061ad/ And when I click on that in Things, instead of taking me to my Evernote app, it loads a browser, and takes me to the Evernote log-in page. Obviously not what I want. My question Is there a way to generate the first kind of link from the Create Note Link keyboard shortcut?
  3. Currently, tabs are marked with the name of the open note's notebook. However, I would find it much more useful to have the tab name be the note name. Otherwise I end up flipping through all my tabs to find the correct note anyway.
  4. Long time user, first time (I think) to the forums. I was driven here by the redesign. Now, I'm a younger, cutting-edge kind of user. I like running betas, and minimal design. But I was driven here to complain about the readability of the new design, e.g. I use card view most often, and the grey of the text in those previewed cards is unreadable. At least make it a darker grey. I find the new design interferes with the functionality, so much that I want to downgrade to the old one. Can we at least have a little control over the colors? How do I downgrade to the old version? If it stays this way, I may actually consider changing over to some other program and stop recommending it. Aesthetics over functionality is terrible. (At minimum, I'm going to tell my wife, who does have some vision issues and has been using Evernote for her PhD dissertation writing, to absolutely DO NOT UPGRADE.) edit: I'm running Yosemite on my 2010 27 iMac and 2011 Macbook Air.
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