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  1. "I reckon it's more likely that for the development teams, fixing bugs is not very sexy compared to redesigning the UI or adding new features that nobody has asked for." I agree. The boss at the top should make fixing this bug super sexy by tagging a bonus to it that slowly tapers down to zero as time passes, then should start taking away perks until it's solved. Maybe no more Starbucks until it's solved! (Just joking of course but makes one wonder). That would work in my office!! =)
  2. Let's think about this. It is a definite frustration for users, but only for those who print their documents. Perhaps Evernote has made a strategic decision to protect their niche of document storage and management and does not want to revert to merely an old obsolete word processor-printer program. Just fascinating to me it can't be fixed... or they have decided fixing it would hurt their long-term business goals. I could understand it if it were strategic planning rather than just poor customer service or incompetent programmers. My experience is that Evernote is strong on Customer service and likely has geniuses running their programs behind the scenes. So maybe it's long-term business plan, and most successful companies do well in that arena. LJH
  3. Same problem with underlines printing as strikethroughs - makes it illegible. This is the single problem I have with Evernote - love Evernote in every other way! The problem is an ongoing frustration bc it seems like an easy fix and is a daily annoyance.
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